Oraciones con Be Able to: Guía y Ejemplos

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En esta publicaciones encontrarás todo lo que necesitas saber las oraciones con be able to.

Be able to es una palabra muy interesante y que se usa para indicar que eres capaz de hacer algo.

Estos son algunos ejemplos de oraciones con able to:

  • I will be able to finish the project by next week.
  • She is able to speak three languages fluently.
  • We will be able to attend the meeting if we leave now.
  • He is able to play the piano beautifully.
  • I am able to run a marathon in under four hours.

Podemos decir sin temor a equivocarnos que be able to es muy similar a oraciones como Can y Could

¿Por qué Usar be Able to?

Quizás te preguntes el porqué debes usar be able to si puedes expresar una idea con can y could.

I can play soccer
I could run very fast when I was a kid
Ejemplos con Can y Could

La verdad es que puedes usar can y could para hablar de habilidades pasadas y futuras pero necesitarás be able to para hablar del futuro.

I will be able to play soccer again
I will be able to afford a house

Be Able to: Tiempos Verbales

Si tienes problemas para usar el be able to, quizás sea porque manejas bien los tiempos verbales en Inglés

Podemos usar be able con el verbo to be

I am able to drive
I am able to fly an airplane

Podemos hacer oraciones en el futuro simple

I will be able to drive
I will be able to fly an airplane

Podemos usarlo con el verbo to be en pasado

I was able to drive
I was able to fly an airplane

Oraciones con Be Able to

Estas son oraciones con be able en presente, pasado y futuro. Trata de entender lo que estas significan para que logres consolidar lo hasta ahora presentado.

Estas son oraciones con be able to en pasado

  • was able to drive
  • She was able to arrive on time.
  • She was able to read when she was three.
  • She was never able to afford a new car
  • was able to get some really good bargains in the sale.
  • She was able to spend a lot of time with her family.
  • I was able to stay in touch by email.
  • I was able to find my way around without too much trouble.
  • we weren’t able to get to the top of the mountain.
  • She wasn’t able to get the job she wanted.
  • She wasn’t able to go to college because her family couldn’t afford it.  
  • They were not able to pay the fine.
  • She wasn’t able to go through with it
  • She was able to complete the course in three weeks.
  • I was able to surprise my teacher yesterday.

Estas son oraciones con be able to en presente

  • I am able to speak Japanese.
  • am not able to give you that information
  • She is able to speak English well.
  • They’re able to buy whatever they want.
  • The company says they’re able to keep pricing competitive
  • I’m not able to come today because I’m very busy.
  • He isn’t able to finish this job by himself.
  • They are not able to help you
  • She’s barely able to read or write.
  • Is she able to speak English? She looks like a student.
  • We’re able to print a total of 10,000 copies.
  • Have you been able to have any kind of contact? 
  • Helen is able to speak five languages fluently
  • The animals are able to move around
  • I am able to answer your questions

Estas son oraciones con be able to en futuro

  • I will be able to speak English by the time I’m thirty 
  • He will be able to solve the problems.
  • We always will be able to get help from each other.
  • You will be able to speak perfect English very soon.
  • He won’t be able to get it done on time.
  • Are you going to be able to get these results out today?
  • Is he ever going to be able to get a job?
  • I don’t know if I will be able to go to the party
  • She won’t be able to concentrate.
  • No one will ever be able to stop us.
  • I am sure that I will not be able to finish the job.
  • We will be able to be there on time, won’t we?
  • I don’t know if I’ll be able to come.
  • You’ll be able to read in peace.
  • I am not going to be able to come.

Preguntas con Be Able to

Estas son algunas preguntas con be able to

  • Are you able to move your leg?
  • No, I am not
  • Will you be able to speak English very soon?
  • Hopefully so
  • Would you be able to fly an airplane?
  • I might
  • Were you able to get to the meeting on time?
  • I got there like 20 minutes late
  • Were you able to concentrate?
  • I couldn’t. The music was too loud
  • Are you able to solve this problem?
  • Yes but this is gonna take weeks
  • Are they able to help us?
  • That’s a question
  • Were you able to find out how much it costs?
  • I wasn’t. The website was down

Espero que ahora tengas una idea más clara sobre cómo hacer oraciones con be able to

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