Reading Exercises: Initiative to Clean Up One of San Jose’s Most Polluted Rivers



Complete the  following text using the words from the list

  • Awareness
  • Environmental
  • Fish
  • Save
  • Trash
  • Polluted
  • River
  • Fecal
  • Concerned
  • Clean
  • sewage
  • Pollution

it is common to hear stories that describe how residents 50 years ago would swim and _______________________ in Río Torres and other  river pools, such as María Aguilar and El Virilla. Today, all three of those rivers are highlly_______________________.

The condition of Río Torres, which runs through nine cantons in the San José metropolitan area is deplorable. _______________________ matter, trash  and toxic substances are found in the river. Untreated runoff from businesses and home and untreated__________________________ are two of the main causes of __________________ in San José’s rivers.

A group of San José residents________________________ about the river’s pollution held the first Festival del Río Torres sponsored by the Asociación Amigos del Torres Riverwalk Costa Rica. The association hopes to _______________________Río Torres through a public and private alliance to _______________________  up and recover the river as an urban, public space.

The festival took  place around Aranjuez’s  Feria Verde, and included a series of artistic, _________________________ and recreational activities. Organizers promoted _______________________ among the community about the importance of cleaning up Costa Rica’s polluted urban rivers.

The festival also included discussions, children’s workshops, artistic activities and a river walk to clean up ___________________.

Pausa Urbana , another festival activity invited older generations of Costa Ricans to share their memories and  Historical photographs of the _____________________ .