Noam Chomsky on Universal Grammar

Noam Chomsky

I had  just  a  slight  idea   about  what  the Universal Grammar is  all about,  I knew  one  of  the main  theorist  behind it  was  the  well known  Linguist Noam Chomsky  ,  his theory   is  that grammar  is   hard-wired into the brain.

One  of  the examples  to illustrate  this  best  is  the  following one  extracted  from Wikipedia

  • If a language has a word for purple, it will have a word for red

Sometimes  reading   is  not  the best option   to   understand  those kind of    topics  that might be  complex  so  videos  help  to  clarify  everything . I hope   this  enlightens more  your knowledge   than  all  the  reading  that  you  possibly have  done  on the  topic

I  like  the  idea    of thinking  in  how  language   are  the same   even though we  know  the  different  that   languages can be.