Reading Exercises: Museum of Jade in San Jose

Now in San Jose there is a new and modern option to  observe a majestic collection of archaeological pieces that were hidden for years.

This is the Museum of Pre-Columbian Culture and Jade, which opened its doors  offering the opportunity to showcase 7,000 pieces of jade, pottery, stone, bone and wineries of the National Institute of Insurance (INS).

It’s located on the west side of the Plaza de la Democracia and becomes part of the cultural circuit that seeks to promote the capital, the National Museum, the Museum of the Central Bank, the National Park, the National Theatre.

Discover the new Museum of Jade

The modern building is on the side west of the Plaza de la Democracia and has five levels that protect the invaluable pieces dating mostly between 500 a.c. and 800 d.c.

The first room is called Threshold, where the museum invites you to discover the wonder of jade pieces from this collection.

Going up to the second floor you can enjoy the Jade room, which addresses the process of working jade and its origin through the routes marked on a modern map, loaded with the latest in interactive and visual technology.

The next floor up is called Day and Night, where they recount the main activities of the ancient peoples, customs and livelihoods, with the side symbolisms and rituals that characterized them.

On the fourth floor is the Hall of Remembrance and temporary exhibitions room, where the pre-Columbian costumes are displayed, types of instruments and the meaning they gave, and the technology employed in the development of tools, both everyday and ceremonial.

Finally, the 5th floor is called the Gathering, which includes a collection that was not found in the other rooms, as well as office space.

Visiting hours will be Monday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. The entry fee for residents is $5 and $15 for foreigners. Students with a uniform or license and children and seniors will be admitted for free.

Multiple Choice Questions

The pieces displayed in the Museum of Jade are ___________________

A) New

B) Moderm

C) Old

D) Fake

The process of  working with Jade is described  on the___________________________floor

A) First

B) Second

C) Third

D) Fifth

The floor called day and night is the___________________________floor

A) First

B) Second

C) Third

D) Fifth

The Museum of Jade is open ____________________ days a  week

A) Four

B) Five

C) Six

D) Seven

The Museum of Jade is open ____________________  a day

A) Less than  five hours

B) More than 6 hours

C) Less than six hours

D) Six hours

The entrance fee is ___________________________

A)  the same for foreigners and residents

B)  is cheaper for foreigners than for residents

C) is more expensive for foreigners than for residents

D)  is free for foreigners and residents

The entrance is free for __________________________

A)  Children and  residents

B)  Children and elderly people

C) Seniors and foreigners

D)  Foreigners and residents

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