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Do you work for the Ministry of Educaiton in Costa Rica? Do you Teach MEP English Classes? If you do, this is a page that you have to visit. It is full with teaching ideas, worksheets and links to great resources around the web. This is time-saving resource for teachers in Costa Rica

8th-Grade (1)


1.    Identification of family members and partner’s relatives Introduction + video +worksheet
2.    Description of people’s physical appearance Introduction + Worksheets
3.    Comparison of people’s physical features and personality traits Information+Worksheets
4.    Meaning of words according to a give context Worksheet
5.    Relevant characteristics of the means of transportation available Introduction + Worksheet
6.    Personal travel plans Information + more
7.    Acceptance and refusal of goods and services Worksheet
8.    Likes, dislikes and preferences: Introduction to the topic
9.    Grammatical functions of words Parts of the speech
10. Give and follow directions Worksheet
11. Occupations Worksheet



1.    Sports and leisure activities IntroductionRacquetball ,Marathon, Summer sports , Volleyball
2.    Life and achievements of famous athletes and musician Introduction + worksheets , Connor McGregor Muhammad Ali , Beyonce , Bruce Lee
3.    Operation of electronic equipment Video + Worksheet
4.    Roots, suffixes and prefixes Video + Worksheet
5.    Transportation, quality, rentability and use Worksheet
6.    Computers and technology today in our lives: Introduction + Worksheet,  Social Networks , Cellphone Messages .
7.    Natural resources and the promotions of conservation Worksheet  Nature Conservancy , Let’s Recycle , Save the Turtles , Trees in the Forest
8.    Specific information of words in a given context (registers) Teaching Idioms
9.    Causes, effects, and prevention of environmental pollution Introduction + worksheetsDeforestation , Water Pollution , Air Pollution.


10th-Grade (2)


1.    Achievements of our national athletes Introduction and worksheet
2.    Costa Rican Art, music and crafts Museum of Jade , Summer Festival (Listening) , Workhsheet
3.    Words with same/different meaning Worksheets
4.    Costa Rican typical food Worksheet
5.    Holidays and celebrations in Costa Rica and in English Speaking countries Holidays and CelebrationsThanksGiving , Independence’s DayGaby’s Favorite Holidays , Mother’s DayHalloweenValentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day
6.    Causes and effects of natural resources misuse Introduction, worksheets  Deforestation , Water PollutionAir Pollution,
7.    Linking words in context Conjunctions , Linking words
8.    Tourist attractions offered by Costa Rican Communities: Worksheet  , Ostional Beach , Whale Watching , Turu Ba Ri
9.    Common illnesses and new diseases and epidemics Worksheet , Ebola Virus , The Ice Bucket Challenge
10. Our Democratic Tradition Worksheet + Practice
11. Careers, jobs and lifestyles Jobs , Job Descriptions , Responsibilities and A

11th-Grade (1)


1. Types of food, eating habits and behaviors at the table Introduction +worksheets
2. Tourists aspects worldwide Introduction and Worksheets
3. Linking words in contexts Conjunctions , Linking words
4. Job demand in Costa Rica Job Fairs + Worksheet
5. Careers Classification of Careers
6. Science and technology Science and Technology Photo Hacking
7. Morals and values: Introduction and activities
8. Prefixes, suffixes and root words Worksheets
9. Gender :Men’s and Women’s roles Reading Comprehension
10. Senior citizens and minority groups Minority Groups, Kathrine Switzer
11. Words with the same pronunciation but different meanings: Worksheet 
12. Mass media and communications Introduction + Worksheet



You can download all those MEP English Classes documents with a single click

  1. TEFL for MEP : Elementary and Highschool
  2. Antologia Coned 7th
  3. Antologia Coned 8th
  4. Antologia Coned 9th
  5. Antologia Coned 10th to 11th Grade
  6. Folleto de clase Inglés para Bachillerato (PDF Version)
  7. Folleto de clase Inglés para Bachillerato (Doc Version)

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