Teaching English in Costa Rica – MEP

Teaching English in Costa Rica – MEP

Do you work for the Ministry of Educaiton in Costa Rica? Do you Teach MEP English Classes? If you do, this is a page that you have to visit.

It is full with teaching ideas, worksheets and links to great resources around the web.

This is time-saving resource for teachers in Costa Rica 

10th-Grade (2)
1.    Achievements of our national athletesWorksheet #1
Worksheet #2

2.    Costa Rican Art, music and craftsWorksheet
3.    Words with same/different meaningWorksheets
4.    Costa Rican typical foodWorksheet
5.    Holidays and celebrations in Costa Rica and in English Speaking countriesHolidays and Celebrations
Independence’s Day 
Gaby’s Favorite Holidays 
 Mother’s Day
Valentine’s Day
 St. Patrick’s Day
6.    Causes and effects of natural resources misuseIntroduction, worksheets  
 Water Pollution
 Air Pollution
7.    Linking words in contextConjunctions 
 Linking words
8.    Tourist attractions offered by Costa Rican Communities:Worksheet 
9.    Common illnesses and new diseases and epidemicsWorksheet 
10. Our Democratic TraditionWorksheet + Practice
11. Careers, jobs and lifestylesJobs 
Job Descriptions 
11th-Grade (1)
1. Types of food, eating habits and behaviors at the tableIntroduction +worksheets
2. Tourists aspects worldwideIntroduction and Worksheets
3. Linking words in contextsConjunctions 
Linking words
4. Job demand in Costa RicaJob Fairs + Worksheet
5. CareersClassification of Careers
6. Science and technologyScience and Technology
 Photo Hacking
7. Morals and values:Introduction
8. Prefixes, suffixes and root wordsWorksheets
9. Gender :Men’s and Women’s rolesWorksheets
10. Senior citizens and minority groupsMinority Groups
11. Words with the same pronunciation but different meanings:Worksheet 
12. Mass media and communicationsIntroduction + Worksheet


You can download all those MEP English Classes documents with a single click

  1. TEFL FOR MEP: Elementary School
  2. TEFL FOR MEP: Highschool
  3. Antologia Coned 9th
  4. Antologia Coned 10th to 11th Grade
  5. Folleto de clase Inglés para Bachillerato (PDF Version)
  6. Folleto de clase Inglés para Bachillerato (Doc Version)
  7. New English Program for Primary
  8. New English Program for Secondary
  9. Programa de Inglés – Educación Diversificada
  10. Programa Nacional de Innovación Educativa 
  11. Programa  de Inglés con Énfasis en la Conversación

English Festival and Spelling Bee

Exams for MEP

If you are working for the Ministry of Education, You might be interested in these MEP English Exams.

These Exams have been used by me during the past three years, now I have made them available so the English Teaching communty in Costa Rica uses as they see fit.

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MEP English Exams

Diagnostic Exams  

7th Grade

  1. Introduction of Oneself to Others and Identification of Oneself to Others
  2. Classroom Instructions  and Using the Dictionary
  3. Classroom Objects, Clock and Clothing
  4. Description of Something, Daily Routines and Prepositions of Place
  5. Using the Dictionary
  6. Good and Service, Following Instructions
  7. Greetings, Leave-Takings and Introductions, Days and Months
  8. Personal Identification, Classroom Instructions and Numbers
  9. Classroom Objects and Prepositions of Place
  10. Clothing and Descriptions of Something
  11. Plural Nouns and Places around Town
  12. Following Instructions

8th Grade

  1. Family Members
  2. Description of Family Members and  Personality Traits
  3. Personal Travel Plans and Means of Transportation
  4. Likes and Dislikes, Frequency Adverbs and Good and Services
  5. Parts of the Speech
  6. Occupations and Giving Directions
  7. Family Members and Description of People’s Physical Appearance

9th Grade

  1. Sports and Hobbies 
  2. Sports, Hobbies and Life and Achievements of Athletes
  3. Prefixes and Suffixes., Function and Operation of Electrical Equipment
  4. Computer and Technology in our Lives
  5. Nature and the Environment
  6. Sport and Hobbies 

10th Grade

  1. Synonyms and Antonyms / Life and Achievements of National Athletes

11th Grade – MEP English Exams

  1. Diseases, Sickness and Illnessees
  2. Table Manners and Food
  3. Democracy in Costa Rica
  4. Jobs 
  5. Table Manners and Food
  6. Touristic Aspects Worldwide
  7. Careers

8th Grade – Conversational English

  1. Physical Appearance
  2. Making a Reservation
  3. What to do in an Emergency
Conversational English MEP

7th Grade

  1. Personal Information in Different Settings
  2. Compare Different Activies in Daily Life
  3. Give and Follow Directions
  4. Compare Customs in Celebrations and Holidays
  5. Professions and Occupations
  6. Health
  7. Telephoning

8th Grade

  1. Describe People’s Appearance
  2. Ask for and Give Help in an Emergency
  3. Accept and Decline Invitations
  4. Ask for and Offer Good Service
  5. Describe Travel Plans and Tourism
  6. Safety at Work
  7. Booking by Phone

9th Grade

  1. Identify and Describe Occupations
  2. Describe Sports and Pasttimes
  3. Describe Uses and Functions of Electrical Devices and Machines
  4. Means of Transportation and Schedules
  5. Computers and Technology
  6. Natural Resources: Causes, Effects and Prevention
  7. Making Reservations

Unit #1 – Scenario: Here I am!


  1. Hello, Hi there, Hey, Bye
  2. Building Community
  3.  Let´s Get Personal
  4.  Meet My Family

Unit #2 – Scenario: Enjoying Life


  1. My Daily Routine
  2. Eating Habits
  3. Hanging out
  4. Things I Like to Do

Unit #3 – Scenario: Getting Back to Nature 


  1. Natural Wonders in My Backyard
  2. Marvels in Costa Rica
  3. A World of Wonders
  4. Where can I go next?

Unit #4 – Scenario: Checking Things off a Shopping List


  1. My Family´s Grocery List
  2. Going Shopping
  3. Does This Fit Me?
  4.  How Much Does It Cost?

Unit #5 – Scenario:  Let’s Celebrate Costa Rican Culture!


  1. How my family and I celebrate “Tico” culture
  2. How my community celebrates “Tico” culture
  3.  How other Costa Rican communities celebrate “Tico” culture
  4. How Costa Ricans celebrate national “Tico” culture

Unit #6 – Scenario: Getting from Here to There


  1. Knowing where I want to go
  2. Knowing where It is
  3. Knowing how to get there
  4.  Knowing what I need and when

Unit #1 – Scenario: My High School…Our place


  1. High School — Bring it on!
  2. A Day in the Life of My High School.
  3. What is Your Next Class?
  4. High School Through the Eyes of my Friends

Unit #2 – Scenario: Let the Good Times Roll


  1. Fun times: Inside and Out
  2. What´s your favorite ____?
  3. Ready to Play: Tell Me the Rules
  4. Up Close and Personal

Unit #3 – Scenario: Something to celebrate


  1. Let’s Celebrate: Holidays with My Family
  2. Let’s Celebrate: Latin American Holidays and Festivals
  3. Let’s Celebrate: Holidays and Festivals around the World
  4. A Holiday to Remember: One of my favorites

Unit #4 – Scenario: Going Shopping


  1. Welcome to My Town
  2. Getting what I need at the right place
  3. Where is it?
  4.  How can I get there?

Unit #5 – Scenario:  Unforgettable events


  1. A Day I’ll Never Forget: in my Personal Life
  2. An Event I’ll Never Forget: with my Family
  3. An Event I’ll Never Forget: in Costa Rica
  4. An Event I’ll Never Forget: in the World

Unit #6 – Scenario: Getting from Here to There


  1. Beautiful Costa Rica
  2. Hiking, Biking and Walking Around Costa Rica
  3. Traveling Necessities
  4. Planning My Perfect Vacation

Unit #1 – Scenario: Time to have fun


  1. Let’s Workout
  2. Once Upon a Time I Enjoyed…
  3. Try it!
  4. The Most Fun I’ve Ever had!

Unit #2 – Online and Connected


  1. Yesterday, Today and Future Media
  2. Virtual Communities and Networks
  3. New Media and Public Safety
  4. The Magical World of Apps

Unit #3 – Scenario: Lights, Camera and Action 


  1. What´s on TV?
  2. The Best Show Ever…
  3. Through the Lens of the Documentary
  4. Daily News

Unit #4 – Scenario: In the Public Eye


  1. Success vs. Fame
  2. National Role Models
  3. Contributions of Outstanding Figures to Society
  4. Breaking News: Read All About It

Unit #5 – Scenario:  Unexpected Situations


  1. Home Emergencies
  2. Emergency Traveling Situations
  3. Unanticipated Appointments
  4. Making a Complaint at a Restaurant

Unit #6 – Scenario: Open a book, Open your mind


  1. Keep it simple
  2. Show me: Comic Strips
  3. Biographies of Writers
  4. The Moral of the Costa Rican Legend is

Unit #1 – Scenario: Love What we Do!


  1. Help wanted
  2. Jobs
  3. Interviewing
  4. Working to Live or Living to Work?

Unit #2 – Scenario: Stories Come in all Shapes and Sizes


  1. Tell me a Story
  2. Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down
  3. The Reviews Are In
  4. You Should Read This

Unit #3 – Scenario: A World of Differences


  1. These Are My People
  2. Cultures, Subcultures and Cliques
  3. Cultural Norms and Cultural Storms
  4. I Am Not My Hair

Unit #4 – Scenario: Caution: Fragile World — Handle with Care


  1. What Makes Something Sustainable
  2. Products and Practices around the World.
  3. Products and Practices in Costa Rica
  4. Am I Environmentally friendly?

Unit #5 – Scenario: HighTech HighTouch!


  1. Hot Apps
  2. Danger Zones in a Digital World
  3. Tech Tools for Positive Change
  4.  My Future Is in My Hands

Unit #6 – Scenario: What Comes Next?


  1. Pass or Fail?
  2. College or Career?
  3. Study Here or Abroad?
  4. Getting by or Getting ahead?

Unit #1 – Scenario: Recipes for Success


  1. Ingredients for Healthy Living
  2. Add a Pinch of a Positive Attitude
  3. Follow the recipe: a Plan for success
  4.  Give me a Taste: Stories of Successful People

Unit #2 – Scenario: From the wheel to the drone


  1. Inventions that have Changed our Lives
  2. Living in a Tech World
  3. Safety First
  4. The Next Wave of Innovations

Unit #3 – Scenario: The Earth–Our Gift and Our Responsibility


  1. Natural DisastersIs Nature Against us?
  2. What´s the Problem?
  3. A Helping Hand (possible solutions)
  4. Who is Doing What? (Nonprofit and NGOs)

Unit #4 – Scenario: Get Ready. Get set. Go!


  1. Get ready: Take a Look at your Dreams and Fears
  2. Get Set: College or Career?
  3. Surviving or Thriving?(Developing Your Soft Skills)
  4. Go! The Future is Now

Unit #5 – Scenario:  Really??? (Controversial issues)


  1. You gotta be kidding…World facts
  2. Shut up…Issues from Health and Medicine
  3. No way…Controversies and the Law
  4. OMG… Stereotypes and Cultural Differences


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