How to Make Requests

Make Requests and Offer Help


When we make requests, we ask someone for something, or we ask someone to do something. There are different ways of asking for something. We usually ask for something in a polite and indirect way

Grammar Structures to Make Requests 

Expressions with Could

  1. Could you give me a hand?
  2. Could you help me with this problem?
  3. Could I have my bill please?
  4. Could you carry this for me please?

Expressions with Can

  1. Can I have the menu?
  2. Can you pass me the newspaper?
  3. Can she sit next to me?
  4. Can you buy the ticket for me?

Expressions with Will

  1. Will you carry this for me?
  2. Will you go take my daughter home?
  3. Will you send me that important document?

Very Direct Requests

  1. I need some help
  2. I need you to go to my office
  3. They need a medic right now

How to Make Polite Requests

Expressions with Would

  1. Would you like to go to the club?
  2. Would you like to help me please?
  3. Would you like to buy some groceries for me?

Expressions with Would you Mind

  1. Would you mind closing the door?
  2. Would you mind paying for my lunch?
  3. Would you mind turning off the radio?

Expressions with Do you Think you Could

  1. Do you think you could come here?
  2. Do you think you could do that job?
  3. Do you think you could do me that favor?

Tag Questions

  1. You wouldn’t drop this into the bank for me, would you?
  2. You couldn’t drop by the school, could you?

How to Reply to a Request


  1. Sure, no problem
  2. yes, of course I can
  3. Yeah, sure
  4. Sure, go ahead
  5. Sorry but I can’t


  1. No problem
  2. Of course!
  3. Sure!
  4. Certainly!
  5. I can’t


Making a Request Conversation

Conversation A

Linda: Excuse me. Could I borrow your car for a moment?

Sash: Sorry, but my car is already running out of gas

Linda: That’s alright.

Linda:  (to another person) Would you mind taking me to the bookshop, please?

Manny:  Sure, no problem. My car is over there.

Linda: Thank you

Conversation B

John:  Hi, Do you need any help?

Luis: Thanks for asking, can you help me with this homework?

John: Sure, no problem but I don’t know much about math

Luis: Would you mind asking Dereck if he could help us?

John:  Yeah, sure, can you send me his phone number?

Luis: Alrighty, check your whatsapp


How to Make Requests

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