How to Talk about Majors in English

This is a helpful guide if you ever have to talk about your major in English

Let’s start with the basics, what major are there?

Business AdministrationBusiness Management
System EngineeringPsychology

These are some examples of sentences:

  • I study business Administration
  • I study languages
  • I am in Law School
  • I am in the psychology major

#1 Major or Career?

Some students confuse major and career, they are related but they are not synonyms

  • I am in the business major
  • I have a career in Business
  • I finished my major in Marketing in 2008
  • I started my career in 2009

#2 Expert in Something

You can be specific about your area of expertise

  • I studied Business Administration, Now I am an online marketer.
  • I studied business and now I work as a restaurant manager.
  • I studied administration but now I work in a human resources department
  • I studied Information technology, I work as a WordPress developer.
  • I studied administration and now I work as a social media marketer

#3 Common Questions

These are some questions and answer about majors

AWhat do you study?
BI study Business Administration
AWhere do you study?
BI study in the UTN
AWhen did you graduate?
BI graduated in 2018
AWhat’s your major?
BI am in the English major
AWhat classes are you taking?
BI am taking math and English
AWhat are you doing tonight?
BI have online classes
AAre you busy?
BI have marketing classes
AWhat do you like about your major?
BI like to find solutions to technical problems
AWhat do you like about your major?
BI love online marketing
AWhat’s your favorite subject?
BI love marketing classes
AWhat’s your favorite subject?
BI love programming and online security
AWhat is the responsibility of a marketer?
BI build online presence for companies
AWhat skills do you need in your job?
BI need problem solving skills
AWhat skills do you need in your job?
BI need excellent communication and leadership
AWhat qualifications do you have ?
BI have a degree in Marketing and Certificate in English

Responsibilities in General

These are some responsibilities in general

  • I promote brands online
  • I provide logistical support
  • I provide technical support
  • I hire people
  • I conduct evaluations
  • I recruit employees
  • I create websites
  • I manage accounts
  • I file taxes