Gold: Likes and Dislikes Worksheet

Likes and Dislikes Worksheet

Lesson Plan: Likes and Dislikes Worksheet

  1. Introduce  the simple present using verbs such as enjoy, like, dislike, hate  and love.
  2. Provide some example of negative and positive statements, for example:
    • I like reading books
    • I love playing soccer
    • I don’t like to  play video games
    • I enjoy reading fantasy books
  3. Tell students to make pairs and  choose if they want to be student A or student B
  4. Tell students to make the questions to each other and answer them the best way they can
  5. Tell student to pay attention to language feature such as pronunciation, intonation and rythm as they practice.
  6. Give them enough time to practice and provide feedback if necessary
  7. Once they know how to ask and answer the questions in a natural way, tell to exchange partners.

Additional Resources

  1.  Reading exercises: Likes and Dislikes
  2. Teaching Ideas: How to Express Likes, Dislikes and Preferences
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