How to Talk about Teamwork Skills

Teamwork Skills

Teamwork Skills Vocabulary


Teamwork is the art of collaborating with others effectively and is vital in most professions. Teamwork Skills are important because employers expects their employees to be team players.

Top 5 TeamWork Skills


  1. I am able to communicate clearly my ideas with the group
  2. I communicate information by email and by phone
  3. I communicate infomation in person
  4. My tone of voice is always friendly and professional

Conflict Management

  1. I am able to mediate problems between team members
  2. I am able to negotiate with team members
  3. I am able to settle disputes with team members
  4. I make sure that everyone is happy with team choices


  1. I listen to the ideas of my peers
  2. I listen to the concerns of my peers
  3. I ask for clarification
  4. I use non-verbal cues


  1. I am a reliable team member
  2. My team members trust me
  3. I stick to deadlines
  4. I complete my tasks


  1. I treat my co-workers with dignity
  2. I feel admiration for my co-workers
  3. I treat people with politeness
  4. I never insult my co-workers

Teamwork Skills – Lesson Plan

Schema Activation (5 Mins)

  1. Teachers show this video to students and they try to figure out what the topic is. (5)

Pre-Task (85 Mins)

  1. Students are given a list of team work skills and students have to classify them into the following categories: ( 20)
    • Communication
    • Conflict Management
    • Listening
    • Reliable
    • Respectful
  2. Students are given a search word in which they have look for some important vocabulary related to team work then they have to make a sentences related to three key words found in the searchword (20)
  3. Students make pairs, a member of the group is given the information of Column A and another is given the information of the Column B, they have tom match the sentences orally  (20)
  4. Students are given a presentation, in pairs they have to read the statement and tell their partner if they agree or disagree with them then they listen to a conversation and listen to the responses given by a candidate, then they have to do a matching and finally they have to answer to some questions(25)

Main-Task ( 40 Mins)

  1.  Students will use a Mind Map and they will write in it 4 skills that they have:
    • Students are given the mind map, they have to write the four skills that tells that they have team work skills
    • They record the conversation using their stock recorder
    • Students have to note down the team work skills that their classmates talk about
    • Teacher collaborates so the task is accomplished with fluency and accuracy

Post-Task (30 Mins)

  1. Students gives students incorret sentences and students have to correct them
  2. Teacher takes some time to emphasize on pronunciation

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