How to Talk about Leadership Skills

A simple definition is that leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal.

In a business setting, this can mean directing workers and colleagues with a strategy to meet the company’s needs.

Some examples of leadership skills are:

  • Communication
  • Honesty
  • Sense of Humor
  • Confidence
  • Commitment

You can make all sort of sentences about leadership but the basic ones can be made using the verbs to have and to be.

Let’s Learn about leadership skills in detail.

Leadership Skills Vocabulary and Examples

The characteristics of a good leader are:

HonestyMark is honest
CommunicationJames has communication skills
Sense of HumorLinda has a good sense of humor
ConfidenceSamantha has a lot of confidence
CommitmentI am committed
Positive attitudeAnderson has a positive attitude
CreativityMichael has a lot of creativity
PositivityI am a s positive person
Decision MakingI have decision-making capabilities.
InnovationShe likes to innovate
EmpathyHe has a lot of empathy
VisionNelson has a great vision
IntegrityDaniel has a lot of integrity
HumbleFiorella is a humble leader
ResponsibleSergio’s very responsible
OptimismHe has a lot of optimism
DelegationGood leaders know how to delegate
RespectGood leaders respect others
PassionAngela has a lot of passion for what she does
PersuationChris has persuasion abilities
SupportiveJames’s a very supportive classmate
Social Skills I am outgoing and friendly
Emotional Skills I control my emotions and stay calm
Risk Management I identify, evaluate and take risks
Open-Minded I am open to learning about new things

Questions and Answers about Leadership Skills

These are some questions and answers about leadership skills

  • Do you have an open mind?
  • Sure, I like to listen to different perspectives.
  • Do you usually take risks?
  • I don’t like taking risks.
  • Do you have passion for what you do?
  • I love learning about online security
  • Do you have a good sense of humor?
  • I am the funniest guy in the agency
  • Do you have creativity?
  • You can check my portfolio of android applications.
  • Do you have management skills?
  • Sure, I manage a team of 20 developers.
  • Do you have communication skills?
  • Yes, we use Slack to improve team communication.
  • Do you have confidence?
  • Absolutely, I am the best salesman here.
  • Do you have social skills?
  • I am friendly but I like working alone.

Exercise about Leadership Skills

Do this exercise to show how much you know about leadership skills


For Teachers: Leadership Skills Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan to teach leadership skills, the plan has been created using the Task-based Approach in Mind.

Schema Activation

Bingo about Leadership skills.

  1. Teacher creates a bingo using MyFreeBingoCards website
  2. Teacher sends the link to play to the whatsapp group and make sure everyone has a unique bingo card
  3. Teacher plays the game and deliver a chocolate bar to the winners.


Task #1

  1. Students pair up.
  2. They are given a matching in which they have to match leadership skills with a follow up sentence.
  3. Student A  is given Column A and Student B is Given Column B.
  4. They have to answer the matching together.
  5. Students review their answer with a partner. These are some sentences used in the matching.
    • I am passionate about my job (Love for your career)
    • I have a healthy sense of humor about life (Humor)
    • I control my emotions and stay calm (Emotional Skills)
    • I am outgoing and friendly (Social Skills)
    • I like to speak in meetings (Public Speaking)
    • I am open to learning about new things (Open Minded)
    • I have to face difficult issues (Courage)
    • I plan my time effectively. (Time Managament)
    • I identify, evaluate and take risks. ( Risk Managament)
    • I admit that I am not perfect (Humility)

Task #2

  1. Student pair up.
  2. They are sent a video through whatsapp.
  3. Students watch a video about the 22 qualities that make a great leader and identify the characteristics of a good leader.
  4. Students watch the video again but this time they are gonna complete sentences that describes the 22 qualities of a good leader.

Task #3

  1. Students are going to make pairs and they are going to discuss the following questions:
    1. What leadership qualities do you have?
    2. What leadership qualities do you want?
  2. Students stand up and talk to their classmates by asking the previos questions

Main Task

  • Students are going to record themselves describing a person they consider a good leader.


  • Students are gonna answer a worksheet that focus on some of the structures used in this lesson.

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