Lesson Plans: How to Describe Travel Plans and Tourism

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Contents and Language

  • It’s a beautiful beach, the Hotel has an incredible view, the Natural Reserve, and National Park is located in Guanacaste.
  • It offers free transportation, Jacuzzi, hot water, TV. Cable.
  • There are single, double rooms.
  • Some attractions are white sand, clear water and others.
  • Some activities to do are Canopy, Rappelling, rafting.
  • I want to Check in/ out.
  • Can I make a reservation?
  • Some facilities are swimming pool, room service, and others.
  • I Suggest / recommend this hotel because it’s cheap.
  • You Should visit / can’t miss the museum, plaza de la Cultura



  • Making a reservation.
  • Describing tour packages and tourist places.
  • Asking for information about a place to go.
  • Making choices about going on a trip.

Values and Attitudes

  • Respect when asking for a service.
  • Tolerance for other people’s opinions.
  • Friendliness when interacting with others.
  •  Sharing with others.
  • Commitment towards community improvement. 
  • Concern towards rights,debts, and customer laws


  • Different tourist attractions in Costa Rica and other parts of the world.
  • Ways to describe landmarks, attractions and tourist attractions.
  • Different activities people do on vacation.



Making suggestions and recommendations


Teacher introduces key structures to make recommendations

During- reading

Task #1: Students are given pieces of papers  that they have to unscramble to make recommendations, once recommendation are scrambled, students say them aloud.

Task #2: Students see pictures and slides and make recommendations using the phrases already introduced.

 Post- reading

Students prepare a conversation in which they make recommendation, those conversartions are spoken in front of the classmates.

Evaluation of Learning Outcomes:

The teacher by means of rubric will evaluate Ss ability to make recommendations 



Listening for key information in context


Teacher shows a presentation with key expresssions used when making a reservation + how to say telephone numbers in English and the alphabet to spell complicated names and last names


Task #1: Teacher tells ten telephone number and  spells ten complicated last names, once they are finished, they repeat this information back to the teacher

Task#2: Students fill in the gaps as they listen three different situations in which a reservation is made.

Task#3: The teacher ask questions that they student answer from reading the text


Students write a conversation about making a reservation and they perform it in front of class

Evaluation of Learning Outcomes:

The teacher by means of rubric will evaluate students’ oral ability to make a reservation



Writing sentences and paragraphs to describe tourist attractions


Teacher introduces key vocabulary about touristic places, activities you can do in them and the accomodations that hotels and resorts provide by using a presentation and a vocabulary list.

Teacher and students check the pronunciation of the new words using the cambridge online dictionary and then they play a game to memorize the vocabulary


Task #1 : Students read a short paragraph and write the accomodations and activities that you can in touristic places

Task#2:  Students see a powerpoint slide and describe the accomodations and  characteristics offered by some hotels.


Students write a paragraph in which they describe a touristic place of the their choice

Evaluation of Learning Outcomes:

The teacher by means of rubric will evaluate students’ ability to describe touristic places



Asking information about touristic places


The teacher using a  powerpoint presentation  introduces key structures to ask information about places to go and visit and its possible answers

The teacher checks the ponunciation of the vocabulary using  the cambridge online dictionary


Task#1 Students are going to unscramble sentence to make questions to ask information about places to go and visit.

Task#2 Students read the questions and look for the answers to the questions

Task #3 Students unscramble sentences to form a conversation


Students write a short conversation about a hotel using key information provided by the teacher.

Evaluation of Learning Outcomes:

The teacher by means of a  rubric will evaluate students’ ability to ask for information offered by touristic places