Task Based Lesson: How to Ask for Personal Information

Common Verb Phrases

How to Ask for Personal Information

Schema Activation

  1. Students play charades using key verbs that can be used when people ask for personal information.


Task #1

#1  Ask students to complete these questions (American English File 2, Unit 1A, Page 5)

  1. Where _______you from?
  2. Where_________ you born?
  3. Where do you _____________?
  4. Do you _____________in a house or an apartment?
  5. Do you________________ any brothers or sisters?
  6. Do you________________ any pets?
  7. What do you _____________?
  8. Where do you __________?
  9. Do you____________ your job?
  10. What school / college do you _____________ to?
  11. What year ____________you in?
  12. What kind of music do you _____________to?
  13. Do you ____________ a musical instrument? which one?
  14. What TV shows do you ___________?
  15. Do you p_____________ any sports? which ones?
  16. What kind of books and magazines do you ___________?
  17. How often do you ____________ to the movies
  18. What did you do ______________ weekend?

#2 Now, review their answers by asking students to read the questions aloud. Focus on correct pronunciation.

#3 Now that classmates don’t have any questions about the pronunciation, ask them to make those questions to a classmate.

#4 Once they finished interviewing a classmate, they have to interview another classmate.

#5 After students have interviewed two classmates, they report what they learned about one of the classmates they interviewed

#7 Now, ask students to write a set of 3 to 5 questions that haven’t been covered in the previous activities.

# 8 Now students ask those questions to their classmates, one student ask a question to a classmate and that classmate ask a question to another classmate until they all finish their set of questions.

Task #2

  1. Now students are going to write in their notebooks 7 yes or no questions and a  follow-up question for each yes or no questions they made such as:
    • Do you drink coffee? How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?
    • Did you go out last night? Where di you go?
    • Did you watch soccer last week?  What game did you watch?
    • Do you like movies? what was the last movie you watched?
  2. They ask those questions to their classmates and communicate as much as they can.  Students make the follow up questions only if a classmate responds affirmatively to the first question.


Students are going to ask common questions, they have 5 questions in the American File 2, Unit 1A, page 5.

  1. Do you usually get in touch with your friends by phone, email or facebook?
  2. Do you have an IPOD, Mp3 Player ? what Kind?
  3. Do you often watch DVD’S? What kind?
  4. Do you watch ESPN, CNN or MTV?
  5. Do you have any friends from the US?

They have to write  5 more questions related to entertainment  and interview their classmates and note down any similarities with answer given by their partners.


  1. Teacher explains some key phonetic sounds so students learn to discriminate sounds. (American English File 21.5 and 1.6)
  2. Students listen to a recording and complete some statements. (American English File 2, 1.7)

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