Task-Based Lesson: How to Describe Professionals and the Tasks They Do


Level: Intermediate

Objective: Describing Professionals and the tasks they do

Target Vocabulary and Grammar


  1. Manager
  2. Accountant
  3. Secretary
  4. Clerk
  5. Cashier
  6. Assistant
  7. Bank Teller
  8. Doctor
  9. Police Officer
  10. Professor
  11. Receptionist
  12. Supervisor
  13. Journalist
  14. Real State Agent
  15. Architech
  16. Police Officer
  17. Enterpreneur
  18. Factory Worker
  19. Website Designers
  20. Translator
  21. Engineer
  22. It Professional


  1. To design Websites
  2. To sell properties
  3. To keep people safe
  4. To keep people healthy
  5. To filter calls
  6. To write stories for the press
  7. To supervise factory workers
  8. To charge for products you buy
  9. To keep financial accounts
  10. To help with bank transactions
  11. To teach about subjects
  12. To design buildings
  13. To supervise constructions
  14. To translate from one language into another
  15. To offer computer support


  • Where do you work ?
  • I work for  Microsoft
  • I work at Google INC
  • Where do you do there ?
  • What do you do exactly?
  • I design websites
  • What do you do as a receptionist for microsoft?
  • I take calls and sometimes I take notes during meetings
  • What do you usually do at the Bank?
  • As a bank teller, I help people with transactions.


  • Teacher tells students to install / open the Quizlet and find for the quizlet set about occupations, during five minutes they check / review the target vocabulary then they go to another classmate and they practice  by recalling the meaning of new words.
  • Half of the group is given a quizlet set  with tasks that professionals do and the other half is given a list of occupations, the first half  reads the tasks  from the quizlet set and the second half try to  guess the name of  the occupation they are referring to.
  • Students continue using the quizlet with the list of occupations,the teacher enter tasks into an avatar, the avatar reads the descriptions and students listen carefully and  tell what profession the avatar is describing.
  • Two dialogues are sent to the students, the students practice the dialogues with a partner and  they change seats every  one minute and a half. Both dialogues can be seen here and here


  • Student  make groups of four to talk about a company , they must pick the name of the company  and they must introduce two or three professionals of such company, those professional must describe the tasks that they usually do


  • students rehearse doing the presentation and teacher monitors and offers help if neeeded


  • Class listens to the presentations

Language Focus