English Lessons: How to Describe Appearance and Personality

Beautiful - Describe Appearance and Personality

How to Describe Appearance and Personality

There are two ways to describe people in English, you can describe their appearance or their personality.

 Personality Adjectives

These are some of the most common adjectives to describe personality in English

Straight ForwardKind
Laid-backEasy going

How to Describe People Examples

  1. I used to be shy butI am not shy anymore
  2. I used to be skinny, Now I am fat and happy
  3. I was responsible when I was in highschoo
  4. I was very friendly when I was a teenager now I am a bit shy
  5. I used to be the smartest in class
  6. I am the shortest guy here
  7. She is the most responsible classmate
  8. I consider myself a positive person.

Vocabulary to Describe Physical Appearance


TallShe is very tall
ShortHe is short


SkinnyShe is skinny
ThinI am thin
FatI am not fat
OverweightHe is overweight
SlimYou are slim


BlondeYou are blonde
Brown hairShe has brown hair
Red hairI have red hair
Black hairShe has black hair
Grey hairHe is grey hair


Grey eyesI have grey eyes
Green eyesShe has green eyes
Blue eyesI have blue eyes
Brown eyesDoes she have brown eyes?
Dark eyesDoes he have darke eyes?

Type of Hair

Long hairDoes she have long hair?
Short hairDoes he have short hair?
Wavy hairShe has wavy hair
Curly hairI have curly hair
Straight hairWe have straight hair
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Lesson Plan – How to Describe Appearance and Personality

Schema Activation

  1. Students are shown a picture with 6  famous celebrities, they are described orally and students have to find out which one I am talking about


  1. Student find 6 pictures and create a collage with their favorite celebrities and describe them.
  2. Students listen to track 1.9 from the American English File 2, Page 6 and note down the description of her appearance and personality
    • tall
    • short dark hair
    • curly hait
    • brown eyes
    • beautiful smile
    • nice
    • friendly
    • extroverted
  3. Students listen to track 1.14 from the American English File 2, Page 7 and write down the adjectives to describe appearance and personality.
    • extroverted
    • funny
    • good sense of humour
    • tall
    • dark
    • good-looking
    • nice smile
  4. Students listen to track 1.15 from the American English File 2, Page 7 and write down the adjectives to describe appearance and personality
    • tall
    • short blond hair
    • blue eyes
    • shy
    • quiet
    • generous
  5. Students read the article who knows you better- your mother or your best friend? from the American English File 2, Page 6  and complete the exercises.
  6. Student compare people’s physical appearance of the following people  (Review comparative and superlatives if you have to)

Main Task

  1. Student make comparisons of  family members. They compare aspects such as:
    • age
    • personality
    • height


  1. student are  given a list of words transcribed phonetically and they have to figure out what these words say.
  2. Student write words using specific words included in a wordle. The wordle is created using worditout.com
    • She is beautiful
    • I am talkative
    • She is extroverted
    • She has a beautiful smile
    • He has green eyes
    • I have blond hair
    • We have short hair
    • He is very good-looking
    • I am an outgoing person
    • He is shy and quiet
Physical Appearance

Lesson Plan: How to Describe People

Schema Activation (10 Mins)

Teacher is going to play the hot potato with a balloon

  1. Students make a circle and the teacher gives the first student the balloon
  2. He plays some awesome songs while students pass the balloon around
  3. Awesome music stops, students with the balloon has to answer a question, the question is inside the balloon.
  4. Teacher plays  the game two or three times.

Pre-Task (90 Mins)

Task#1 (30 Mins)

Reinforce vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation by playing this bingo

  1. Students review vocabulary using a quizlet set,  they check the vocabulary with a partner
  2. they ask question by asking
    1. how do you say…?
  3. Teacher creates a bingo using my freebingocards.com
  4. Teacher sends  the link to every student so everyone plays from the phone.

Task#2 (20 Mins)

Talk in the past and present about physical appearance and personality traits

  1. Teacher creates a survey.
  2. Students answer the survey themselves .
  3. Students interview  a classmate
  4. After 5 mins, they switch seats and interview another classmate

Task#3  (40 Mins)

Listening for details

  1. Teacher introduces key words that students might find in the video.
  2. Teacher gives students to listen to a dialogue and note down words they hear
  3. Now students listen to some statements and they identify if those statement were made  by a man or a woman
  4. students verify the answers with the answer given by another partner.
  5. Now students listen again and note down some of the questions they made in the video. They create a dialogue using those questions as a reference.

Main Task  (40 Mins)

Describe personality traits and physical characteristics.

  1. Students are given options, they pick a celebrity from the options.
  2. They analyze and study the characteristic of their characters.
  3. When they feel ready,  they go and introduce themselves as if they were those celebrities
  4. They move around the classroom and introduces themselves a couple of times.

Post-Task (40 Mins)

  1. Teacher reinforces accuracy in pronunciation and grammar based on the problems heard while monitoring the activities
  2. Students make groups and make  a small circle, they think about two of their physical characteristics. They have to record all sentences.
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