How to Create an Advertising Campaign

Create an Advertising Campaign

How to Create an Advertising Campaign



  • Brand
  • Banner
  • Billboard
  • Coupon
  • Endorsement
  • Product Placement
  • Slogan
  • SEO


  • Market
  • Market Research
  • Media
  • Advertising Agency
  • Brand Image
  • Campaign
  • Commercial
  • Viral Marketing


Lesson Plan

Schema Activation (15 Mins)

  1. Student find key vocabulary within a searchword, after they have found them all, they try to predict what all those words have in common

Pre-Task Activities (75 Mins)

  1. Students match words with definitions, student A has the words and student B has the definitions (15 Mins)
  2. Student visit five different social media sites of different famous brands such as Aeropostale, Robin Schulz, Best Buy, Samsung, they are going to learn about the social media strategy that those companies have and present a report to their classmates. Students identify specific things such as:
    1. Number of Followers
    2. Products they offer
    3. Call to action buttons
    4. The pages selected are
  3. Students go to Google and search for the following terms, they have to pick the best option from Google Options and explain why they made that choice.
    1. Jeans
    2. shoes
    3. Backpacks
    4. Laptops
    5. Shirts
    6. Tennnis shoes for men / Tennis shoes for women
    7. Listen to music
    8. 64 Gigabytes USB
    9. T Shirt for Men / Women
    10. Belt for Men / Women

Main Task ( 40 Mins)

  1. Students prepare a powerpoint presentation and discuss the marketing mix of a product or service emphasizing more on the marketing and advertising for the product. Teacher monitors and make sure  that pronunciation and grammar is on point.
  2. Once they are ready, they talk about that product or service.

Post-Task  (20 Mins)

  1. Teacher ends the class by asking some questions about what was during the second part of the course. it is a short review about what the final interview will be like.

Sources of Information

  1. English Vocabulary for Advertising and Marketing
  2. Advertising Vocabulary for English Learners
  3. Business English – Advertising Vocabulary