Task-Based Lesson: How to Ask and Give Directions in my City



  1. How do I get to …?
  2. What’s the best way to …?
  3. Where is …?
  4. Go straight on (until you come to …).
  5. Turn back./Go back.Turn left/right (into …-street).
  6. Go along …
  7. Cross …
  8. Take the first/second road on the left/right
  9. It’s on the left/right
  10. straight
  11.  on
  12. opposite
  13. next to
  14. between
  15. at the end (of)on/at
  16. the corner
  17. behind
  18. in front of
  19. just around the corner

Students can also check  the vocabulary by visiting these websites

  1. Asking the way in English 
  2. Asking for and Giving Directions

Warm-up Activity

  1. Students play a bingo in their smartphones with the vocabulary of the previous lesson and  the current lesson (M-Learning)


  1. Teacher starts the class by  introducing the vocabulary about the lesson using this video  and writing down the vocabulary that they find useful
  2. Students are given two dialogues so they can listen and fill in the blanks. (30 Mins) then students practice a dialogue with a partner.
  3. Students are  given a short map and they have to listen for four directions and identify the place where people would get following such directions  then  they have to give other directions using the same map (30 minutes)
  4. Students are given an unscrambled conversation and they have to arrange the conversations, once they have finished arranging the conversation, they have to practice the conversation with a partner.


  1. Students make a conversation about giving directions in Liberia, they have to record the conversation and  then they have to make two questions to their partners. ( 15 Minutes)


  1. Students are sent two links (link#1 and Link #2)they have to fill in the blanks faster listening to the recording  (M-Learning)


  1. Resource for pre-task activity #1
  2. Resource for pre-task activity # 2A
  3. Resource for pre-task activity # 2B
  4. Resource for pre-task activity #3
  5. Resource for pre-task activity #4
  6. Resource for the Post- Task