How To Make Comparisons in English

How To Make Comparisons in English

How to Make Comparisons in English

How to Make Comparisons in English

There are several ways to Make Comparisons in English. People commonly use superlatives and comparatives to make comparisons.

You can make comparisons about almost everything but one of the most common topics  to make comparison with are:

  1. Personal Appearance
  2. Personality
  3. Countries, Places and Cities

To do that, we need to know some of the most used adjectives

Adjectives to Describe Physical Appearance

These are some of the most common adjectives to describe physical appearance. 

This chart includes  the comparative and superlative from of each adjective

handsomemore handsomethe most handsome
beautifulmore beautiful beautiful
shortshorterthe shortest
strongstrongerthe strongest
fatfatterthe fattest
fitfitterthe fittest
muscular more muscularthe most muscular
skinnyskinnierthe skinniest

Adjectives to Describe Personality

These are some of the most common adjectives to describe personality

smartsmarterthe smartest
kindkinderthe kindest
honestmore honestthe most honest
outgoingmore outgoingthe most outgoing
politemore politethe most polite
charmingmore charmingcharming
Loyalmore loyalthe most loyal

Adjectives to Describe a City, Country or Place

AmazingMore amazing The most amazing
BeautifulMore beautifulThe most beautiful
BoringMore boringThe most boring
ConvenientMore convinientThe most convinient
CrowdedMore crowdedThe most crowded
InterestingMore interestingThe most interesting
FamousMore famousThe most famous
FantasticMore fantasticThe most fantastic
ExcitingMore excitingThe most exciting
FascinatingMore fascinatingThe most fascinating
InexpensiveMore inexpensiveThe most inexpensive
PollutedMore pollutedThe most polluted
DangerousMore dangerousThe most dangerous
NaturalMore natural The most natural
BigBiggerThe biggest
ModernMore modernThe most modern
SmallSmallerThe smallest
NoisyNoisierThe Noisiest
CheapCheaperThe Cheapest
CleanCleanerThe cleanest
OldOlderThe oldest
IndustrialMore industrialThe most industrial
CommercialMore commercialThe most commercial
ProsperousMore prosperousThe most prosperous
HotHotterThe hottest
ColdColderThe coldest
CalmCalmerThe calmest
QuietQuieter / More quietThe quiest / the most quiet
PeacefulMore peacefulThe most peaceful

Two-syllable adjectives which end in -y 

Two-syllable adjectives which end in -y usually form the comparative by adding -er and the superlative by adding -est

Funny Funnier The funniest
Skinny Skinnier The skinniest
Pretty Prettier The prettiest
Happy Happier The happiest
Hungry Hungrier The hungriest
Busy Busier The Busiest
Crazy Crazier The Craziest
Dry Drier The driest
Silly Silliest The Silliest

Make Comparisons with Comparatives and Superlatives 

Comparisons with Personal Appearance

Using Comparatives

These are some examples of making comparisons using personal appearance

  1. She is taller than me.
  2. I am skinnier than her.
  3. He is shorter than me.
  4. Joe’s older than Mike.
  5. Linda is younger than  John
  6. Mike is stronger than joshua
Using Superlatives
  1. Linda is the tallest in the Basketball team.
  2. John is the oldest in the classroom.
  3. I am the most handsome man in the room.
  4. She is the most beautiful woman in the university.
  5. Sheila is the youngest girl in the family.
  6. Mike is the strongest athlete in the wrestling team.

Comparison about Personality Traits

Using Comparatives
  1. I am smarter than him
  2. Maria is Nicer than Linda
  3. I am more open minded than him
  4. She is more creative than me
  5. Mike is more clever than her
Using Superlatives
  1. I am the funniest person in the party.
  2. I am  the most intelligent student in class.
  3. She is the most confident athlete in the team.
  4. He is the most creative person in the graphic design team.

Comparisons with countries, places or cities

Using Comparisons
  1. Santa Cruz is cleaner than Nicoya
  2. Nicoya is less dangerous than San José
  3. For swimmers, Conchal Beach is more dangerous than  Flamingo Beach
  4. La Cruz City is more quiet than Liberia City
Using Superlatives
  1. Cartago is the coldest city in Costa Rica
  2. Guanacaste is the hottest place in Costa Rica
  3. Canada has the best education in America
  4. Brazil is one of the biggest countries in South America
Stages of a Listening Lesson

Lesson Plan: How to Make Comparisons in English

Schema Activation

  1. Students are sent a  Tiny Card link.
  2. They open the link and start checking the spelling and pronunciation of new words.

Pre-Task Activities

Task #1
  1. Students are sent a link with unscrambled words.
  2. They arrange the words to form statements aboutpeople’s phyiscal appearance and personality.
  3. Once they order the phrasees, they make negative sentences from the affirmative statements.
  4. Then they make questions from the affirmative sentences.
Task #2
  1. Teachersends two different collages with pictures of celebriites.
  2. Teacherdivides the class into two teams.
  3. Studentanalyze and describe the celebrities in the collage to another classmate and viceversa

Task #3

  1. Students watch a video about how superlatives and comparatives are made 
    1. Comparatives Grammar Animation
    2. Superlative Grammar Animation
  2. Teacher sends a link to students with a picture about how to make comparisons.
  3. Students check the picture as teacher explains  how to make comparatives and superlatives
  4. Teacher sends a picture via whatsapp and ask students to check if the sentences made are correct or incorrect.
  5. Students answer quizzes online about comparatives and superlatives.Quiz
Task #4 (Optional)
  • Students play a  bingo once, the bingo is made up of adjectives, comparatives and superlatives.


Talk about your a topic of your choice but make sure that you use comparatives and superlatives.

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