Task-Based Lesson: How to Provide Information about your Current Job.


Pre – Class Assignment

  1. Teachers send a blog post with key vocabulary and phrases so students know a little bit about the topic before coming to class.

Pre- Task

  1. Teacher reviews the vocabulary that he previously sent to students and he makes sure that they remember some of the words and how to pronounce them using quizlet then students make three teams, they have to pick a leader and the leader is going to do mimics so their classmates guess, the team with more correct guesses wins. (20 mins)
  2. Students read false sentences with a partner and they have to make them right orally (15 mins)
  3. Students play a kahoot with the information already given (15 mins)
  4. Students pull a paper out of the bag and in pairs they are going to answer three questions about the profession they get. ( 15 mins)
    1. What do you do for a living?
    2. Where do you work?
    3. What do you do there?
  5.  Students do a listening activity about where people work ( Interchange 1- Fourth Edition) ( 10 mins)
  6. Students listen to a dialogue and then they practice with a partner and then they answer some questions given by the teacher and finally they practice the dialogue with a partner. (20 Mins)

Main Task

  1. Students prepare themselves to answer these questions   (10 minutes)
    1. Where do you work?
    2. Where is the company located?
    3. What is your position there?
    4. What do you do exactly?
    5. How do you like your job?
  2. Teacher verifies their pronunciation and fluency are on point (10 Mins)
  3.  Students have the conversation with each one of  their classmates by changing seats (15  Mins)

Post – Task

  1. Students complete a crossword and then students read the answers and another partner answers ( 15 Mins)
  2. Teacher reminds students about homework for week #1 and #2 (10 Mins)