Lecturas en Inglés: Sash’s Presentation

Lectura en Inglés: Sash's Presentation

Sash’s Presentation

Hello Professor and Classmates

There are many apps to watch movies and shows online .

Today I am going to talk about the best streaming apps which are Netflix, HBO GO and Amazon Video

The purpose of this presentation is to convince you that Netflix is the best platform to watch movies and shows.


Let’s Start with Netflix

  • Netflix comes in three different plans, the cheapest plan is $10.99.
  • Netflix has chromecast support and it is very popular in Costa Rica
  • You can watch TV Shows, BoJack Horseman, Stranger things and black mirror


The Second app is HBO GO

  • HBO GO is $14.99 y it is more expensive than Netflix and Amazon Video.
  • HBO GO has chromecast support
  • You can watch shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld and True Detective

Amazon Video

The third application to watch movies and TV Shows is Amazon Video

  • Amazon Video is not very popular in Costa Rica
  • Amazon Video doesn’t have Chromecast support
  • Amazon video is $5.99 and it is way cheaper than Netflix and HBO GO
  • You can watch shows like Mr. Robot, Psych and Hannibal


I think that Netflix is by far the best app to watch movies and TV shows for many reasons:

  • Their TV shows ad movies are very popular among teenagers.
  • I have used Netflix and HBO go in the past and the Netflix application is way better than HBO go and Amazon Video.
  • Netflix has chromecast support so you can watch shows and movies in your Smart TV

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