Lectura en Inglés: CloudWays Hosting

Lectura en Inglés - Cloudways


Managing a server is difficult to manage if you don’t have experience managing servers.

If you still want to use a server by Digital Ocean, Vultr, AWS, Google Cloud and Linode, You can use Cloudways and let them handle that for you.

Cloudways is a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform that lets you manage a server with simplicity.

Cloudways platform lets you do these with a few clicks:

  • Add your domain name
  • Install SSL certificates
  • Create as many applications as you want to
  • Access Database
  • Access Files using FTP
  • Create Back ups
  • Restore sites from Back Ups

These are the cheapest plans according to your server choice:

Cloud Hosting ProviderPrice per Month
Digital Ocean$10 /mo
Google Cloud$33.30/mo

Ejercicio en Inglés: Cloudways