Great Teaching Ideas: How to Teach about Jobs and Occupations


What you need to for the presentation

  1.  Projector or mobile devices
  2. A wordle based around jobs and occupations
  3. short pieces of papers with simple definitions of jobs.



  1. Project the wordle or send the wordle to your students by whatsapp or bluetooth.
  2. Hand the pieces of papers with simple definition  to your students.
  3. Ask students to figure out what jobs the sentence is describing


To ensure the successful repetition of the target language, you can download this worksheet and make copies for your students

Jobs and Occupations Worksheet PDF

Practice: Additional Resources

You can work with any of these worksheet to enhance the sucessful repetition of the new vocabulary

  1. Worksheet 1: Jobs Crossword
  2. Worksheet 2:  Jobs Crossword
  3. Worksheet 3:   Jobs Crossword 
  4. Worksheet 4: Job Descriptions Matching
  5. Worksheet 5: Occupations Picture Test
  6. Worksheet 6: Occupations Vocabulary Quiz
  7. Worksheet 7: Occupations Crossword
  8. Worksheet: 8 : Occupations wordsearch
  9. Worksheet 9: Circle the correct word
  10. Worksheet 10: Write the missing words