Great Teaching Ideas: Job Demand in Costa Rica

Key Vocabulary

occupation, resume, income, terms, trainee, opportunity, insurance, interview, incentive, salary, meeting, memo, manager, business , boss, policy, leave, employee, enterpreneur, training, human resources,  appointment, sucess, field,  to apply , strenghts, weaknesses, experience, qualification.

Preparing your resume

What to include in a resume

  • Information section : Name , address , email address,  phone number
  • Resume Objective
  • Education
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Volunteer Activities
  • References

What not to include  in a resume

  • Irrelevant job experience
  • Physical characteristics
  • strange hobbies
  • marital status
  • private matters
  • unprofessional contact information
  • sensitive information
  • number of children

Job Fairs

Job fairs are held  with the goal of hiring  people for permanent and seasonal posts.  the entrance  is usually  free and these take place in university campuses mostly in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM)

Companies always seek staff   for technical and professional jobs. Most of the posts  they offer require fluency in a second language such as  English, French, German or Portuguese.

Sales executives, network executives, web developers, java software developers, customer service reps, administrative assistants, systems engineers, technical support, bilingual specialists, database administrators, financial analysts, call center agents with advanced English, electronic engineers, project managers, marketing executives  are among the  positions offered  by the participating companies

Companies accept résumés in both digital and printed formats, and organizers  set up information kiosks for questions about participating companies.

Visitors are offered free lectures from human resource specialists, have their English proficiency tested and receive free counseling on labor issues.

According to the reading , determine if the statement is true or false and write it in the parenthesis.

  1. The companies requires only  staff for permanent jobs  (          )
  2. The Job fairs usually take place in the university campuses (          )
  3. Most Job Fairs take place out of the GAM  (          )
  4. The  entrance for the Job Fairs  is  free in most of the cases (          )
  5. Companies seeks staff who can master at least four languages   (          )
  6. The companies only accepts the digital version of the curriculum  vitae (          )
  7. Questions about the companies are addressed by the participating companies  (          )
  8. Customer service positions are available (          )
  9. Companies don’t pay attention  to language proficiency (          )
  10. Participant receive free lectures and counseling (          )

Check this slideshare document which has more exercises about Job Demand in Costa Rica

Download the worksheet here

If you  work for the Costa Rican Ministry of Education , have a look at this page , it might save you some time and work.

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