Jason Mraz -The Nature Conservancy + worksheet

I used   the Jason Mraz – PSA – The Nature Conservancy   to teach  about nature , you can do  two  or three things with it or maybe more.

Brainstorming activity :  I told my students to write  in their notebooks all  the words that came to their minds  after watching the music video.

  • Animals ( Seals , lions , bears )
  • Ecosystems (Forests, rivers, reefs)

Grammar Activity : I asked my students to  write in  the whiteboard sentences about  some actions happening in the video. Sentences  can be written the tense of your choice.

Past Continuous (Examples)

  1. The lion was roaring.
  2. The kids were jumping rope.
  3. The Ice was melting.
  4. The bears were trying to catch a  fish
  5. The factories were polluting.