How to Use Pinterest in the Classroom to Improve Writing Skills


How can bookmarking sites like Pinterest help  us in  using our English and  learning  more about a topic and culture?

  1. The  topic  for this task is “Film History of  the United States”
  2. You  have to  register for a pinterest account in the site , you can do that  easily in a few steps by registering  using  your facebook accountPinterest Registration
  3. Pinterest  will  give you the  welcome  to the site ,you have to click next  after reading some of the site highlights
  4. You might be prompted to  create a board once you are logged inCreate Board
  5. or you can create one by clicking  your name on the right and selecting boards , once it is clicked , you’ll find something like thisBoards
  6. Once  you click on create board , you have to  type some information in the spacesAdding  info to your board
  7. once your board is created you have to  start adding pins to them by clicking  the red button on the right   and clicking ” add a website”Add from a website
  8. once the board is created  you start by adding  links  as you will see  in the video

Enough about  the hows 

Create three boards on your pinterests  and pin ten movies from sites such as  in each one of them.

  • Movies from the 80’s
  • Movies from the 90’s
  • Movies from the 2000´s

once you  and your classmates are  finished pinning, we´ll comment  in each other’s pins and  we´ll have to comment at least once in each other’s boards , the way to comment  is shown  by clicking in the following link.