Lesson Plan: How to Talk about Vacations

How to Talk about Vacations

How to Talk about Vacations Vocabulary


  1. To fly to another country
  2. To rent a car
  3. To go camping
  4. To go climbing
  5. To go swimming
  6. To go to the beach
  7. To rent a car
  8. To surf
  9. To swim in   a waterfall
  10.  To go fishing
  11. To go hiking
  12. To go dancing
  13. To take the sun
  14.  To go to an amusement park
  15. To go to a water park
  16. To go to a museum
  17. To go abroad
  18. To visit a national park
  19. To go to the movies
  20.  To do exercises
  21. To play a sport
  22. To rest

Lesson Plan –  How to Talk about Vacations

Schema Activation

  1. Students are given paper strips  with a narration of a last vacation, they have to read it and understand what the sentence means
  2. Then they have to make sure to find the person who has the following sentence.
  3. Once they all find the person who has the following sentence or idea in their paper strips, they all get together to see if the narrative makes sense.


Task #1

  1. Teacher introduces these questions:
    • Where did you go on your last vacation?
    • Who did you go with?
    • How long did you stay there?
    • Where did you stay?
    • What activities did you do there?
    • How much money did you spend there?
    • Did you like your vacation?
  2. Student answer those questions.
  3. Once they are ready, they stand up and go around the classroom and ask those question to their classmates

Task #2

  1. Student are given a wordle.
  2. Students write a piece of writing using all words from the wordle
  3. Once they finish writing the narration of their last vacations, they hand their narrations to the teacher.
  4. Teacher distributes the narration to other students so they can review and correct mistakes.

Task #3

  1. Teacher takes some time to cover the vocabulary and pronunciation found in the listening passage
  2. Student listen to several people talking about  memories of trips and fill in the blanks with the information they hear
  3. Students listen to another listening passage about a man’s vacation to Hawaii, students answer the following questions:
    • How was dan’s vacation?
    • Who did he go to Hawaii with?
    • How long did he stay in Hawaii?
    • How was the weather like when Dan was on vacation?
    • What activity did Dan do in Hawaii?


  1. Student create a collage  with pictures of different activities and talk about a fictional vacation they had with a classmate


  1. Students take a short quiz

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