English Lessons: Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

Valentines' Day Vocabulary

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary

AdmirerI am your admirer
AdoreShe adores you
BoyfriendI have a boyfriend
CrushI have a crush on you
ChocolateSend her a box of chocolates
CrazyShe is crazy in love with you
DateHe has a date
Fall in loveI fell in love with the new girl
FriendWe are just friends
FlirtThey are flirting with you
GirlfriendWill you be my girlfriend?
HeartFrom the bottom of my heart
HoneyHoney, are you free tonight?
KissShe kissed him
LikeHe likes her a lot
LoveThey are in love
PresentI have a present for you
PartyI throw a party for you
PoemI wrote a poem for you
RoseI bought her roses
RomanceShe has a romance
RomanticHe is so romantic
SweetheartShe is my sweetheart
True LoveShe is my true love

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