Reading Exercises: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving DinnerThe first English settlers to America arrived in 1607. One of their biggest tasks was finding enough food, but fortunately the land in the New World was good, and there were many wild turkeys, deer and fish. In 1621 the harvest was so big that the settlers decided to have a huge feast to give thanks to God: the original Thanksgiving. As new towns and cities were established across America Thanksgiving events were held at different times and for different reasons. But in 1863 President Lincoln declared that a Thanksgiving Day for the harvest would be held every year in the United States on the last Thursday of November (in Canada the harvest comes earlier and it was decided to have Thanksgiving on the 2nd Monday in October). Later, in 1941, President Roosevelt fixed the day as the 4th Thursday in November, so Thanksgiving in the US occurs on a Thursday between Nov 22nd and 28th. Nowadays most Americans are not farmers and do not have a harvest. However Thanksgiving is still an important time for the family to have a big meal together. Many places have a parade, and many sports events and TV shows are associated with Thanksgiving. The next day, Black Friday, is a traditional shopping day, and the start of the Christmas season.

  1. When did the first settlers arrive to America?
  2. What was the trouble that first settler found?
  3. What types of animals were found?
  4. Who declared Thanksgiving a national holiday?
  5. When is the Thanksgiving celebrated in Canada and United States?
  6. What activities do people have during thanksgiving?
  7. What is the Black Friday