English Lessons: Holidays in Costa Rica

Holidays in Costa Rica

Holidays in Costa Rica

This is a list of Public Holidays in  Costa Rica

January 1stNew Year’s Day
April 11thJuan Santamaría Day
May 1stWorkers or Labor Day
July 25thGuanacaste Day
August 2ndVirgin of Los Angeles Day
August 15thMother´s Day
September 15thIndependence Day
October 12thNational Cultures Day
December 25thChristmas Day

Holidays and Festivals

Palmares Fiestas

You can enjoy dancing, concerts and bullfighting.

Santa Cruz Fiestas

You can enjoy typical music, bullfighting and Folkloric dancing

Puntarenas Carnaval

A lively, seven-day celebration with food, music and beer in Puntarenas

Liberia Fiestas

It is celebrated with music, rides and concerts throughout Liberia

Listening Exercises: Holidays in Costa Rica

Hello, My name is Gaby. How are you? I want to tell you something about __________________ in my country. we have many days to __________________ different things. We celebrate, new year´s eve, valentine’s day, easter, father’s day, independence day and many more. My favorite holiday is ______________.

For christmas, we gather together with family, we have a special ______________ , with pork, tamales and eggnog. We also pray and exchange __________________.

My birthday is on december too. That’s why I love Christmas. My second favorite holiday is valentine’s day. People like to give chocolates and ______________, I love chocolates.

I also enjoy mother’s day, and that’s because I am a mom; so my family treats me very good and make me ___________ special. Let me think, well I also enjoy independence day. In Costa Rica, we celebrate with __________________, marching bands and majorettes; it is a big celebration around the country.

People go down town to watch the parades and celebrate with the __________________ and people. Thanks for listening.

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