Listening Exercises: Gaby’s Favorite Holidays in Costa Rica

Hello, My name is Gaby. How are you? I want to tell you something about __________________ in my country. we have many days to __________________ different things. We celebrate, new year´s eve, valentine’s day, easter, father’s day, independence day and many more. My favorite holiday is ______________. For christmas, we gather together with family, we have a special ______________ , with pork, tamales and eggnog. We also pray and exchange __________________. My birthday is on december too. That’s why I love Christmas. My second favorite holiday is valentine’s day. People like to give chocolates and ______________, I love chocolates. I also enjoy mother’s day, and that’s because I am a mom; so my family treats me very good and make me ___________ special. Let me think, well I also enjoy independence day. In Costa Rica, we celebrate with __________________, marching bands and majorettes; it is a big celebration around the country. People go down town to watch the parades and celebrate with the __________________ and people. Thanks for listening


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