Reading Exercises: Happy Mother’s day

Many countries all over the world celebrate Mother’s Day. Although not all countries have chosen the same date to celebrate their Mother’s Day, children everywhere use this day to show how much they appreciate their mothers. Mother’s Day was celebrated in more than 40 countries around the world. Although the traditional role of mothers has changed in many countries over the years, the role of nurturing andcaring for families remains. While different countries celebrate and recognize their mothers in different ways, many traditions are similar. Flowers such as carnations and roses have been an important part of Mother’s Dayfor a very long time. As well, children of many different cultures give their mothers cards, chocolates, andpresents to show their love and appreciation. In some countries, children do the household chores for the day,prepare meals, serve their mothers breakfast in bed or take them to a restaurant for dinner. In many countries itis also the day of the year when millions of greeting cards are sent, the use of telephone lines is the greatest, andrestaurants are the busiest. No matter where one lives, Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when children,young and old, recognize and honor their mothers.

True or False

  1. Mother’s celebrated on the same day in all parts of the world:______________
  2. Mother don’t have the same traditional roles that they used to have:______________
  3. All Mother’s Day celebration are exactly the same everywhere:______________
  4. Greeting Card are part of Mother’s day celebrations:_________________