Cómo Hablar de Bienes y Servicios en Inglés

Bienes y Servicios en Inglés

Cómo Hablar de Bienes y Servicios en Inglés

Para hablar de bienes y servicios en Inglés, primero tenes que definir que son bienes y que son servicios.

  • Goods are items you buy, such as food, clothing, toys, furniture, and toothpaste
  • Services are actions such as haircuts, medical check-ups, mail delivery, car repair, and teaching

Cómo puedes ver en la definición, los bienes son artículos que compras, tales como comida, rápida , juguetes, muebles y pasta dental.

Los servicios son acciones tales como cortes de cabello, un chequeo médico, entrega de correos, reparación de autos y la enseñanza.

Veamos este vídeo para entender un poco más acerca de estos dos conceptos:

Ahora veamos si has entendido muy bien ambos conceptos contestando este quiz.

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Lugares de la Ciudad: Bienes y Servicios

Lo siguiente es una lista de los lugares más comunes que puedes encontrar en una ciudad y los bienes y servicios que puedes conseguir ahí.

 AirportYou can travel to another city.
 BakeryYou can buy fresh bread and cakes there.
 BankYou deposit money or cash a check.
 BookstoreYou can buy books and magazines in that place.
 Bus stationYou can take a bus to another city.
 Butcher’shopYou can buy fresh meat there.
 caféYou can buy a cup of coffee, cakes or sandwiches.
 ChurchYou can pray and worship there.
 Department StoreYou can buy clothes, appliances and so much more.
 Cinema/moviesYou can see the latest movies there.
 Gas StationYou can buy fuel
 GymYou can do exercises, weight training and keep fit there
 Beauty SalonYou go there when you want to cut your hair
 HospitalYou go there when you need a surgery .
 HotelWhere you can sleep when you visit another city
 LibraryA place where you can read and borrow books
 Pharmacy / DrugstoreYou can buy medicines
 ParkWhere you can rest, play or walk your dog
 RestaurantYou go there to buy meals and special dishes.
 SchoolA place where children learn
 SupermarketYou can buy food and drinks

Preguntas acerca de Bienes y Servicios

Estas son algunas preguntas sobre bienes y servicios

  1. I need to pay my water bill, where can I do that?
  2. Can you tell me where I can buy a new pair of shoes?
  3. I want to buy fresh bread, where can I go?
  4. We want to watch a movie, where can we go?
  5. I have to buy some notebook for my little brother, what’s the cheapest place to do that?
  6. My phone screen got broken, where can I go to fix it?
  7. I feel like working out, what gym can we join?
  8. My dog Bingo is sick, where can I take him?
  9. My son just broke his arm, can you recommend me a good clinic?
  10. I want to buy a new phone, where can I do that?
  11. I need to send some packages, what services do you recommend?
  12. We need to catch the bus, where is the bus station?
  13. I need to buy a computer, what place do you recommend?
  14. I am hungrym is there a good restaurant nearby?
  15. I feel like eating hamburgers, what place do you recommend?

Conversación Acerca de Bienes y Servicios en Inglés

A: How are you doing today?
B: Great. Thanks.
A: What can I help you with?
B: I would like to open a bank account.
A: What kind would you like to open?
B: I need a checking account.
A: Would you also like to open a savings account?
B: That’s fine.
A: In order to open these accounts, you need to deposit a minimum of $50.
B: I want to deposit $300.
A: I’ll set up your accounts for you right now.
B: Make sure to put $150 in each account.

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