Grammar Lessons: Go, Play and Do

Go, Play and Do

Go, Play and Do

Confused about how to use go, play and do? This short explanation will help you make mistake when using those 3 verbs.


It is often used  with activities that end with “Ing” 

For example: I am going running tomorrow morning


Play is used with ball sports, in competitive games and following rules.

For example: We are playing volleyball tomorrow morning


It is for recreational activities and exercises.

For example: I am tired of doing yoga with friends.

List of Activities and Sports

Go Play Do
swimming Soccer Exercises
climbing Chess Sit-ups
jogging Basketball Yoga
fishing Tennis Karate
skiing Poker Puzzles
running Games Gymnastics
cycling Volleyball Aerobics
surfing Hockey A warm-up
dancing Badminton Judo
Camping Football Ballet

Conversation Questions

How many sit-ups can you do in a minute?
How many push-ups can you do in two minutes?
What do you think about doing yoga?
Where do you like to go swimming?
Have you ever played soccer?
How often do you go running?
Do you ever go cycling?
Do you know how to play chess?
Do you ever play basketball?
Have you ever gone camping?
What games do you like to play?


Write the right verb in its correct form to complete the sentences

  1. Why don’t you___________________soccer?
  2. When do you ______________ jogging?
  3. Do you usually _____________yoga on fridays?
  4. I never _____________ swimming in the rivers?
  5. Mike and Luis_____________ karate very well.
  6. ______________ chess is quite difficult to understand.
  7. I have never __________ judo?
  8. I don’t like to ____________ exercises.
  9. She ______________ running every morning
  10. I don’t know how to ________ chess.
  11. I love ___________ fishing with my dad
  12.  She _______________ running last night
  13. She likes____________ badminton
  14. I don’t usually ___________chess with my colleagues
  15. I rarely_____________ swimming on mondays
  16. She has never____________ poker


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