Learn English: Expressions with Get

Get + Adjective Expressions

Expressions with Get

Get is one of the most used verbs in English. Get is a verb that can mean different things. These are some of the uses of Get.

You use get with adjectives to mean ‘become’ Get Lazy
Get is used with expressions referring to situations. Get in Trouble
You get someone to do something Get him to pose for this picture
If you get something done I got things done quickly
When you get to a place, you arrive there. I get to work at 8

Get + Adjective Expressions

Here are the 25 most useful get +adjective expressions

Get + AdjectiveExample
Get drunkHe got drunk last night
Get hotterIt’s getting hotter.
Get warmerIt is getting warmer
Get marriedShe is going to get married
Get divorcedThey got divorced last year
Get tiredI got tired of you
Get lostI think we got lost
Get betterThings are going to get better
Get angryShe is gonna get angry
Get oldYou are getting old
Get darkIt gets dark very early in the winter.
Get dirtyThings are gonna get dirty
Get wetIt is raining, we are going to get wet
Get sickI don’t want to get sick
Get hurtYou are gonna get hurt
Get thirstyI am getting thirsty
Get hungryI am getting hungry
Get wellGet well soon
Get dressedWait, I am getting dressed
Get dizzyI got dizzy on the plane
Get jealousI got jealous
Get FatI got fat when I moved to Italy
Get boredI got bored of those old exercises
Get excitedWe got excited when we won
Get nervousHe gets nervous when he gives blood.
Get madShe got mad at me

Most Common Collocations with Get

These are some of the most common collocations in English

Get a callI am gonna get a call from the Government
Get permissionYou need to get permission to do that
Get a letterI just got a letter
Get a degreeShe hopes to get a degree in English Teaching
Get the impressionYou got the impression
Get homeSorry but I need to get home right away
Get a haircutHe has to get a haircut today, he is going to be on TV
Get a tanDo you always to get a tan when you go to the beach?
Get nowhereYou are getting nowhere with this situation