Lesson Plan: How To Express Preferences In English


How To Express Preferences In English


  • Hobbies and interests


Students are given pieces of paper of a conversation , they  have to stand up and talk to other students and unscramble the conversation.


  1. Students review the new vocabulary using the memrise app.
  1. Students interview classmates about their likes, dislikes and preferences using a google form.
  2. Students make groups of  4 and each one of them have a different category in charge using this photo
    • love
    • like
    • dislike/ don’t like
    • hate
  1. Students write things that they really like in a note, they don’t share that information with their classmates, the teacher collects the pieces of paper and they are given to different classmates , classmates have to go around the classroom asking people if they like those things and find the owner of the note.
  2. Students read a short reading about John and  then we play a kahoot
  1. Students listen to a conversation about music likes between Marissa and Brian and and mark if these statements are true   (Interchange 1 – Unit 4)  
    • Bryan likes country music
    • Marissa likes Taylor Swift
    • Bryan doesn’t like Hip-Hop
    • Marissa Likes Hip- Hop
    • Bryan likes Green Day
    • Marissa also likes Green Day
    • Bryan thinks that Green Day is Noisy


  1. Students make groups of two, they talk about the things  they like and dislike