Modals of Ability Exercises: Professions

Modals of Ability Reading

Modals of Ability

We use the following modals to express ability:


  1. When I was in university,  I couldn’t drive
  2.  When I was young,  I could run very fast
  3. While I lived in Miami, I could run every morning

Able to

  1.  I wasn’t able to speak English
  2. I am able to speak English
  3. I will be able to speak French


  1. Allan can swim well
  2. Jack can’t play the piano
  3. Jena can cook delicious food

Modals of Ability Exercises

New Adults


She  is one of the most talented person I know, she can cook delicious food, she can drive a car but she rides her bike to work. Last week, We went to the beach and  I could see that she can swim and surf really well.


He is a professional soccer player, he can run really fast, he can speak two languages, he used to play soccer when he was in highschool. He is also a very good singer


He is a travel blogger, he can write great articles about tourist destinations, he likes to read a lot about touristic places. He is a talented dancer, he really enjoys nightlife.


He is 30 years old, he works in a gym, he likes to exercise a lot, he used to do exercises a lot when he was in highschool. He used to eat a lot when he was a little kid but now he is in shape.


She is 26 years old, she could sing really well when she was in highschool but now she is a DJ, She performs in different clubs.  She used to listen to music a lot when she was a teenager. She can speak English, French and Spanish.


She is amazing with computers, she is good at designing websites. She works from home, she can create amazing videos and infographics. In her free time, she can play tennis really well.


True or False

  1.  Linda can drive a motorcycle:_______________________
  2. Linda can speak three languages:___________________
  3. Derek  is a travel blogger:___________________________
  4. Derek can speak two languages:____________________
  5. Ryan can dance really well:_________________________
  6. Linda can’t surf:_____________________________________
  7. James doesn’t like to exercise:_____________________
  8. Jane can mix music:________________________________
  9. Stacy can design websites:_________________________
  10. Stacy can surf well:_________________________________

Multiple Choice Quiz

Answer the quiz using information from the reading

Modal of Ability – New Adults