Teaching English in Costa Rica – Exams for MEP

MEP English Exams - Costa Rica - Pixabay

If you are working for the Ministry of Education, You might be interested in these MEP English Exams. These Exams have been used by me during the past three years, now I have made them available so the English Teaching communty in Costa Rica uses as they see fit.

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MEP English Exams

Diagnostic Exams  

7th Grade

  1. Introduction of Oneself to Others and Identification of Oneself to Others
  2. Classroom Instructions  and Using the Dictionary
  3. Classroom Objects, Clock and Clothing
  4. Description of Something, Daily Routines and Prepositions of Place
  5. Using the Dictionary
  6. Good and Service, Following Instructions
  7. Greetings, Leave-Takings and Introductions, Days and Months
  8. Personal Identification, Classroom Instructions and Numbers
  9. Classroom Objects and Prepositions of Place
  10. Clothing and Descriptions of Something
  11. Plural Nouns and Places around Town
  12. Following Instructions


8th Grade

  1. Family Members
  2. Description of Family Members and  Personality Traits
  3. Personal Travel Plans and Means of Transportation
  4. Likes and Dislikes, Frequency Adverbs and Good and Services
  5. Parts of the Speech
  6. Occupations and Giving Directions
  7. Family Members and Description of People’s Physical Appearance

9th Grade

  1. Sports and Hobbies 
  2. Sports, Hobbies and Life and Achievements of Athletes
  3. Prefixes and Suffixes., Function and Operation of Electrical Equipment
  4. Computer and Technology in our Lives
  5. Nature and the Environment
  6. Sport and Hobbies 

10th Grade

  1. Synonyms and Antonyms / Life and Achievements of National Athletes

11th Grade – MEP English Exams

  1. Diseases, Sickness and Illnessees
  2. Table Manners and Food
  3. Democracy in Costa Rica
  4. Jobs 
  5. Table Manners and Food
  6. Touristic Aspects Worldwide
  7. Careers


8th Grade – Conversational English

  1. Physical Appearance
  2. Making a Reservation
  3. What to do in an Emergency


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