ESL Discussion Questions about Luck

Luck is a fascinating concept that has intrigued and perplexed humans for centuries. We often find ourselves pondering the role of luck in our lives, questioning whether it is merely a matter of chance or if there are factors that can influence its presence.

From winning the lottery to stumbling upon an unexpected opportunity, luck can have a profound impact on our daily experiences.

In this blog post, we will help you examine various perspectives on luck through a series of discussion questions.

What’s Luck?

Luck is a concept that permeates our lives in various ways. It is often defined as an unpredictable force that brings about favorable or unfavorable outcomes.

While some perceive luck as a purely random occurrence, others believe that it can be influenced or even created.

Different perspectives on luck

One fascinating aspect of luck is how it is viewed and interpreted across different cultures.

Cultural beliefs play a significant role in shaping our understanding of luck.

Superstitions Related to Luck

Superstitions and rituals surrounding luck have been prevalent in various cultures throughout history.

These beliefs often involve specific actions or objects that are believed to bring good luck or ward off bad luck.

For example, crossing fingers for luck, avoiding walking under ladders, or carrying a lucky charm are common superstitions that people engage in.

Superstitions related to luck can vary significantly across cultures and individuals. Some may find comfort and reassurance in these rituals, while others may dismiss them as mere superstitions.

Discussion Questions about Luck

Here are 40 questions about luck categorized into different themes:

General Questions:

  • What is luck, and how would you define it?
  • Do you believe in luck, or do you think everything is a result of chance?
  • Is luck a universal concept, or does it vary from culture to culture?
  • Can you give an example of a time when you experienced good luck or bad luck?
  • Are some people naturally luckier than others?
  • Is there a connection between hard work and luck?
  • How much do you think luck influences the outcome of a person’s life?


  • What are some common superstitions related to luck in your culture?
  • Have you ever followed a superstition in hopes of improving your luck
  • Do you think superstitions actually have any effect on luck, or are they purely psychological?

Probability and Chance:

  • Can luck be quantified or measured scientifically?
  • Are some events truly random, or do they only appear that way due to our lack of understanding?
  • How does the concept of luck relate to the field of statistics and probability theory?
  • How do you differentiate between luck and probability?

Historical and Cultural Perspectives:

  • How has the concept of luck evolved throughout history?
  • Are there any historical figures or events associated with extraordinary luck?
  • How do different cultures around the world perceive and interpret luck?
  • Can you think of any cultural practices or rituals related to luck?

Personal Beliefs and Experiences:

  • Do you consider yourself a lucky person? Why or why not?
  • Have you ever relied on luck when making important decisions?
  • How do you react when you attribute your success to luck versus your own efforts?
  • Can people influence their own luck through positive thinking or other means?

Philosophical Questions:

  • Is luck a matter of fate or destiny, or is it purely random?
  • Does the concept of luck challenge the idea of personal responsibility?
  • How does the belief in luck affect a person’s outlook on life?
  • Can we control our luck through our actions and choices?

Ethical Considerations:

  • Is it ethical to rely on luck when others are in need?
  • Are there situations where relying on luck is irresponsible or selfish?
  • How do societal inequalities impact an individual’s access to luck?

Games of Chance:

  • What role does luck play in games like poker, roulette, or slot machines?
  • Can someone be skilled at games of chance, or is it all about luck?
  • How does the gambling industry exploit the concept of luck?

Good Luck Charms and Rituals:

  • Have you ever carried a good luck charm or engaged in a lucky ritual?
  • What are some common good luck symbols and their origins?
  • Do you think carrying a good luck charm can actually change one’s luck?

Literature and Pop Culture:

  • How does the concept of luck appear in literature, movies, and popular culture?
  • Can you name any fictional characters known for their incredible luck or bad luck?
  • What is the significance of luck as a literary or cinematic theme?

Luck and Happiness:

  • 39. Is there a correlation between luck and happiness?
  • Can luck influence a person’s overall well-being and life satisfaction?

How to use These Luck Discussion Questions

Cultural Perspectives on Luck:

Objective: Explore how different cultures perceive luck and superstitions.

  • Cultural Research: Assign each student or group of students a different culture to research. They should find information about common superstitions and beliefs related to luck in that culture.
  • Group Presentation: Have students present their findings to the class, highlighting key superstitions, rituals, or symbols of luck in the assigned culture.
  • Discussion Questions:
    • What are some interesting superstitions or beliefs about luck in the cultures you researched?
    • Are there any similarities or differences in how luck is perceived across cultures?
    • How do these cultural beliefs compare to your own views on luck?

3. Personal Experiences with Luck:

Objective: Encourage students to share personal stories and anecdotes related to luck.

  • Storytelling Activity: Have each student prepare a short anecdote or story about a lucky or unlucky experience they’ve had. They should focus on describing the situation, their feelings, and the outcome.
  • Pair or Group Sharing: Pair or group students and have them take turns sharing their stories with their partners or group members.
  • Discussion Questions:
    • Can you recall a specific moment when you felt incredibly lucky or unlucky? Describe it in detail.
    • How did that experience change your perspective on luck or superstitions?
    • Do you have any personal rituals or lucky charms that you believe bring you luck?

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