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English is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and eventually became a global lingua franca.

English is the third most-spoken native language in the world, after Standard Chinese and Spanish.

 It is the most widely learned second language and is either the official language or one of the official languages in almost 60 sovereign states.

There are more people who have learned it as a second language than there are native speakers.

English is the most commonly spoken language in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, and it is widely spoken in some areas of the Caribbean, Africa and South Asia.

List of English Lessons published 

Here you will find all the lessons published in

The majority are lessons that include key vocabulary, grammar and teaching ideas taken into the task-based learning approach.

How to Tell the Time in English
How to Talk about Hobbies in English
Lessons: How to Order Food in English
English Lessons: How to Describe a Place of Work or Study
English Lessons: How to Introduce Yourself in English
How to Talk about your Neighborhood
English Lessons: How to Describe Appearance and Personality
English Lessons: Describe Past and Future Events
How to Make, Accept and Decline Invitations
Task-Based Lesson: How to Create an Advertising Campaign
How to Talk about The Marketing Mix
How to Prepare for a Job Interview in English
English Lessons: How to Talk about Teamwork Skills
English Lessons: How to Describe Skills and Qualifications
How to Talk about Likes and Dislikes at Work
Lesson Plan: How to Describe Past Work Experience
How To Make Comparisons in English
How to Give Directions in English
How to Give Directions Inside Buildings
English Lessons: How to Go Shopping in English
How to Talk about Good and Services
How to Talk about Places Around Town
English Lessons: Talk about Your Personal SWOT Analysis
English Lessons: How to Talk about Leadership Skills
English Lessons: How to Write Formal and Informal Emails
English Lessons: How to Agree and Disagree
English Lessons: How to Talk about Communication Skills
How to Talk About my Soft Skills
How to Make Requests in English
How to Describe Jobs in English
English Lessons: How to Talk about Facilities and Services
How to Set Goals and Make Plans in English
How to Follow Instructions in English
How to Express Likes and Dislikes in English
English Lessons: Saint Patrick’s Day
How to Talk about Vacation Plans in English
How to Talk about Daily Routines
How to Describe Physical Appearance
How to Describe Things in English
Greetings and Introductions
How to Talk about Family Members in English
How to Talk about Health Problems in English
Sports and Leisure Activities in English
English Lessons: Holidays in Costa Rica
English Lessons: How to Talk about Food
Lessons: Phone Conversations in English
How to Give Personal Information

List of All Grammar Lessons

Learn more about grammar with this list of grammar lessons

Grammar Lessons: Indefinite Articles A and An
Grammar Lessons: 3 Types of Conditional Sentences
Grammar Lessons: 3 Types of Conjunctions
Grammar Lessons: Complex Sentences
Grammar Lessons: Passive Voice
Grammar Lessons: Simple Present vs Present Continuous
Grammar Lessons: Transitive Verbs List
Grammar Lessons: Reported Speech
Grammar Lessons: Me, Myself, My, Mine and I
Grammar Lessons: Prepositions In, At and On
Demonstrative Pronouns: This, That, These and Those
Grammar Lessons: Quantifiers
Grammar Lessons: Prefixes and Suffixes
Grammar Lessons: Linking Words
4 Functions of Gerunds in English
Grammar Lessons: Too and Enough
Grammar Lessons: Intensifiers and Mitigators
Grammar Lessons: Embedded Questions
Grammar Lessons: The 8 Parts of Speech
Grammar Lessons: Prepositions of Place
Grammar Lessons: Past Perfect Tense
List of the 50 most Common Prepositions
The 60 Most Common Phrasal Verbs
Grammar Lessons: Dependent Prepositions
Grammar Lessons: Verbs Followed by Gerunds
Grammar Lessons: Used to
Grammar Lessons: Irregular Verbs List
Grammar Lessons: There Was and There Were
Grammar Lessons: Simple Past Tense
Grammar Lessons: The Verb To be
Grammar Exercises: Past Progressive
How to Use Wish in English
Grammar Lessons: Tag Questions
Grammar Lessons: Go, Play and Do [2019]
Grammar Lessons: 5 Types of Adverbs
Grammar Lessons: 5 Modals of Deduction
Grammar Lessons: Do vs Make
English Grammar: Can, Could and Be able to
Grammar Lessons: There is and There are
Grammar Lessons: Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Grammar Lessons: Some and Any
Grammar Lessons: Compound Sentences
Grammar Lessons: Do and Does
Grammar Lessons: Simple Present
Grammar Lessons: Present Perfect
Grammar Lessons: Present Continuous
Grammar Lessons: The Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Grammar Lessons: Relative Clauses
Grammar Lessons: Types of Clauses

Teaching Reading

Learn more about teaching reading with this helpful guide.

15 Examples of Pre-Reading Activities
10 Examples of While-Reading Activities
10 Examples of Post-Reading Activities
How to Use Mind Maps to Improve Reading Comprehension
Top Down and Bottom up Processing
Reading Exercises: How to Describe My Dream House
Guessing Meaning From Context
Reading Exercises: Likes and Dislikes
3 Stages for Teaching Reading
How to Find the Main Idea in 4 steps

Teaching Writing 

Learn more about teaching writing with this helpful guide.

Writing Skills: Cohesion and Coherence
Types of Cohesive Devices
How to Apply The Product Approach to Writing in 4 Steps
The Stages of the Writing Process
7 Effective Strategies to Build Writing Fluency
Error Correction in Foreign Language Teaching: Techniques and Exercises
The Writing Process: 5 Prewriting Strategies

Teaching Vocabulary

Learn more about teaching vocabulary with this helpful guide.

List of Most Common Collocations
Teaching Vocabulary: Clothing in English
Vocabulary List: Countries and Nationalities in English
Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers in English
Means of Transportation in English
How The New General Service List Can Grow and Improve my Vocabulary
Vocabulary: Synonyms and Antonyms List
Vocabulary List: Classroom Instructions in English
The 60 Most Useful Idioms
Christmas Vocabulary and Words You Should Know
Vocabulary: Parts of the Body in English
Soccer Vocabulary in English
5 Great Apps to Improve Your English Vocabulary
How to Describe Personality in English
Vocabulario: Las 1000 Palabras Más Usadas en Inglés
Valentine’s Day Vocabulary [2019]
Vocabulario: 150 Adjetivos Más Comunes en Inglés
50 Most Common Expressions with Get

Teaching Literature

Learn more about teaching literature with this helpful guide.

Resources to Analyze “The Last Leaf” Short Story
Teaching Literature: Literary Periods and Movements
Understanding Point of View in Literature
Introduction to Literature: Types of Conflict
Introduction to Drama: Reader’s Theater
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide the Medieval Period
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to Renaissance
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to The Enlightment
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to Romanticism
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to the Victorian Period
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to Trascendentalism
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to Existentialism
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to the Bloomsbury Group
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to Naturalism
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to Realism
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to the Beat Generation
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to Modernism
Literary Movements: The Beginner’s Guide to Postmodernism
A Beginner’s Guide to Comedy and Tragedy

How to Teach English with Technology

Learn how to teach English with Technology with this helpful guide

5 Great Apps to Keep a Vocabulary Notebook
5 Free Online Tools to Make Learning Phonetics Easier
How to Use Quizlet in the Classroom
3 Vocabulary Profilers to Analyze Texts Effectively
33 Great Ways to Teach English with Technology
15 Awesome YouTube Channels for Learning English 
10 Amazing Websites to Improve your Listening Skills 
6 Innovations in English Language Teaching
17 Great Apps for English Language Learners
15 Best Education Podcasts to Listen to in 2019
17 Best Podcasts For Learning English
13 Great Websites for English Language Students
10 Ways Use Mobile Phones to Teach English
21 Best Free Apps for Teachers in 2019
8 Tools to Create Online Quizzes

Syllabus Design

Learn more about Syllabus Design with these posts

Syllabus Design: Needs Analysis
Syllabus Design: Situation Analysis
Syllabus Design and Course Planning
Syllabus Design: Providing for Effective Teaching
Syllabus Design: Instructional Materials

Teaching Methodology

Learn more about Teaching Methodology with these posts

Teaching Methodology: Language Learning and Teaching Principles
The Most Effective Classroom Seating Arrangements
Silent Way: How to Use Cuisenaire rods
Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching
Classroom Management Strategies for Teachers
Webquests: How to Teach The Four Skills Effectively
12 Best Tips for Teaching Large Classes
10 Characteristics of Student-Centered Learning
Teaching Methodology: Instructional Scaffolding
10 Characteristics of Teacher-Centered Instruction
Methodology: No More Oral Presentations in English
PPP Framework: Presentation, Practice and Production
5 Great Strategies to Cut Teacher Talking Time

ESL Conversation Questions

10 Black Friday Conversation Questions
70 Conversation Questions about Family
Nature Conversation Questions for ESL Students
20 Hotel Conversation Questions
50 Conversation Questions about Entertainment
100 Conversation Questions about Careers and Jobs
30 Great Mass Media Conversation Questions
30 Science and Technology Questions
30 Brilliant Conversation Starters for the ESL Classroom
70 School Conversation Questions
30 Social Networks Conversation Questions
25 Neighborhood Conversation Questions
50 Have You Ever Conversation Questions
50 Conversation Questions About Celebrities
Holidays Conversation Questions
70 Music Conversation Questions
Friends Conversation Questions
ESL Conversations: 50 Conditional Questions
English Conversations about Movies
English Conversations: Favorite Questions
100 Getting to Know You Questions
50 Conversation Questions about Computers
Sport Conversation Questions
100 Great Health Conversation Questions
Thanksgiving Conversation Questions
32 Immigration Discussion Questions
60 Travel Conversation Questions
ESL Conversations: 50 How Often Questions
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