English Classes Observation Checklist

English Class Observation Checklist

English Classes Observations

English classes observations are really important for several reasons but I am going to narrow down those reasons to three:

  • Sometimes we are incapable of having a look at the mistakes we commonly make.
  • Observations help potential and new teachers to think critically about the teaching done by others.

English Class Observation Checklist

These are some ideas to

Lesson Plan

  • What framework was used to teach the class?
  • Did the lesson have an objective?


  • What rules were enforced?
  • What method the teacher used to enforce rules?
  • What rules weren’t enforced?
  • Did the teacher have classroom management issues? (class being too loud, students leaving the room without permission)
  • What did you learn about enforcing rules in the classroom?

Class Size

  • How many students are there in the classroom?
  • Was the class too large? If so, how did the teacher handle that?

Classroom Lay Out

  • What classroom lay-out was used by the teacher?
  • How did the classroom lay-out impact the teaching of the class?

Teaching Style

  • How would you describe the teaching style of the teacher?


  • Based on what you were able to see, How would you describe the rapport during the lesson?

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