Cómo Describir Compañias y Edificios en Inglés


Cómo Describir Compañías y Edificios en Inglés

Para poder describir edificios o instalaciones en Inglés debes de manejar el vocabulario de los lugares de la ciudad.

Lugares de la Ciudad en Inglés

Estos son los más comunes lugares de la ciudad en Inglés con su traducción en español

Airport : Aeropuerto
Bakery : Panaderia
Bank : Banco
Bookstore: Libreria
Bus Station: Estación de Bus
Cafe: Cafe
Church: Iglesia
Court: Corte
Department store : Tienda por Departamentos
Movie theather: Cine
Fire station: Estacion de Bomberos
Gas station: Estación de gasolina
Gym: Gimnasio
Hospital: Hospital
Hotel: Hotel
Gallery: Galeria
Library: Biblioteca
Museum: Museo
Drugstore: Farmacia
Police station: Estación de Policia
Park: Parque

Instalaciones y Servicios en Inglés

Free Wi-Fi : Wifi Gratis
Conference Center : Centro de Conferencias
Fitness Center:  Gimnasio
Free Parking: Parqueo Gratuito
Medical facilities: Facilidades medicas
Conference Center: Centro de Conferencias
Copy Center: Servicio de Fotocopiado
Auditorium: Auditorio
Restroom: Tocador
Reception: Recepción
Dorms: Dormitorios
Library: Biblioteca
Office: Oficina
Security Booths: Casetilla de seguridad
Computer Lab: Laboratorio de computo
Cafeteria: Cafeteria
Website: Sitio Web

Ejemplos de Preguntas y Respuestas sobre los Edificios en Inglés

Where is the gym located? 
The Gym is located by the central park
Are there any banks around here?
Yes , There are two banks around here
Is there a drugstore nearby? 
Yes, There isn’t
Does the company have an auditorium?
No, It doesn’t
Does the Company have free Wifi?
Yes, it does
Can you tell me where the cafeteria is ?
It is on the second floor
What does the cafeteria offer?
The cafeteria offers a variety of snacks
Can I have some information about the company?
Yes,The company  is located in Alajuela and it has excellent facilities , it has a copy center and a computer lab.
Does the company have a website?
Yes it does, the company’s website is
Does the company have a computer lab?
Yes, it does, actually  it has three computer labs
Does the University have a Facebook Page?
Yes, you can follow the university on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Are there restrooms in the mall?
Yes, there are restrooms in the first and second floor
What services does the hotel offer?
You can enjoy the pool, the gym, the dance club and participate activities at night

Preguntas Comunes sobre Compañías

1.    What’s your company name?
2.    Does the company have a website? What’s the company website?
3.    Does the company have a social media presence? What can you tell me about it?
4.    Where is your company located?
5.    How many people work in your company?
6.    What goods or services does your company offer?
7.    What places are located near your company?
8.    Does the company have a cafeteria? Where do you usually eat?
9.    Does the company have  free WIFI?
10. Can you describe your company facilities?
11. Does the company have a parking lot?
12. Does the company have restrooms? Does the company hace accessible toilets?
13. Does the company have security guard?
14. Does the company have surveillance camera?
15. Does the company have a reception?

Descripciones de Edificios en Inglés

Describir Edificios en Inglés

Descripción de una Universidad en Inglés

Welcome to the UTN university, the University is located near the center of Liberia. The University facilities are inside the mall.

In the UTN, you can find several classroom equipped with air conditioning, Video beam and smart whiteboards.

There are a couple of computer labs and you can access the internet by connecting to the university network.

Outside of the UTN, you can find clothing stores and places to eat.

Describir Edificios en Inglés

Descripción de un Hotel en Inglés

The Panoramic Hotel is a modern and elegant 4-star hotel ideal for romantic holidays

The spaces of the Panoramic Hotel are new, bright and welcoming.

Here, in the summer days, our bar serves typical Sicilian dishes, snack and salads.

The Bella beach awaits you with sun beds and umbrellas and areas of free access to a clean, transparent sea.

Telephony services , Wi-fi internet, breakfast and reception open 24 hours a day will also be available.