Task-Based Lesson: How to Describe Different Activities Related to Specific Places



For this lesson, we are gonna use the vocabulary that was introduced during lesson #1 and Lesson #2


Students answer a google form to review some of the information studied during the previous class.


Students watch a video about good and services and answer some questions  given by the teacher.

Students will make three groups, they will be given a set of sentences about good and services they can get, they will make three lines, they have to whisper to their partners the sentences until the last member of team understand it and it is able to write the sentences in the whiteboard.

Students will be given short pieces of paper  that belong to two conversations, they have to try to arrange the conversation, when students have been given enough time to finish. the teacher gives them the track so they can listen and confirm the results they have.


Students will  give student  to different groups different powerpoint presentation and students have to talk about at least about five goods and services that you can get there.


Student will play kahoot/ quizziz so they will have to remember the new vocabulary + the ones taught in previous lessons.