How to Describe Skills and Qualifications

Describe Skills and Qualifications

How to Describe Skills and Qualifications



  • persuading people
  • entertaining people
  • teaching other people
  • working with your hands
  • making good decisions
  • planning /organizational skills
  • working under stress


  • team-work oriented
  • leadership
  • responsibility,
  • positive attitude,
  • adaptability
  • time management



  1. Degrees
  2. Driver License
  3. Diploma
  4.  Experience
  5. Microsoft
  6. Word Processing Skills
  7. Presentation skills
  8. Computer Skills


  • I have a degree in English Teaching
  • She has a degree in Business Administration
  • I attended UTN Highschool
  • I graduated from the UTN
  • I have a driver license
  • He has great presentation skils
  • They have computer skills

Lesson Plan – How to Describe Skills and Qualifications

Schema Activation ( 10 Mins)

Teacher shows a video with key vocabulary about qualifications and skills, students watch the video and try to figure out words to figure out today’s topic.

Pre-Tasks (80 Mins)

  1. Teacher are given some pictures and they have to identify the qualifications and skills of such people. Then teacher highlights the structures necessary to talk about skills and qualifications.
  2. Students complete a survey in Google Form about the skills and qualifications that people have. Teacher and students analyze the results.
  3. Teacher gives students a matching to students with information about skills and qualifications necessary to do some jobs successfully, one person reads and the other person guesses the profession.
  4. Teacher gives students some examples of Jobs and they have to write what skills and qualifications are necessary to do that job successfully, when they finish, they present their cases to their partners.
  5. Students listen to a dialogue and they listen for some specific information, they note down all the details and then they take a quiz then they have to identify phrases that the interviewer use so they can use in the interview they have to do.

Main-Task (40 Mins)

  1. Students create an interview taking into account the following:
    • One student will be the interviewer and another one will be the interviewee
    • Both pick a job and try to identify the skills and qualifications for that job
    • They prepare an interview taking into account that information.
    • They present the information to their classmates

Post-Task (20 Mins)

  1. Teacher prepares a list of sentences  with grammar, word order and spelling mistakes.
  2. Teacher shows the sentences to the students and students have to spot the mistakes and correct them.

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