English Lessons: How to Describe Products and Services

 Describe Products and Services

Vocabulary to Describe Products and Services


  1. good
  2. bad
  3. cheap
  4. expensive
  5. innovative
  6. creative
  7. interesting
  8. appealing
  9. attractive
  10. useful
  11. new


  1. old
  2. modern
  3. technological
  4. necessary
  5. important
  6. Durable
  7. Tough
  8. Long Lasting
  9. Premium
  10. freemium
  11. Fragile


Phrases to Describe Products and Services

  1. Tell me about (this product)
  2. What can you tell me about (this product)?
  3. Can you give me some information/details about this?
  4. What is special/unique about this?
  5. What are the specifications?
  6. Let me tell you about . . .
  7. This is our (newest) product.
  8. This is one of our latest designs.
  9. It is made of . . .
  10. It can be used for . . .
  11. You can use it to . . .
  12. You can . . . with it
  13. This has/contains . . .
  14. This one features . . .
  15. This comes with . . .
  16. This is equipped with . . .
  17. This particular model . . .
  18. This is priced at . . .
  19. This costs . . .


  1. This product is the best because…
  2. This product is better than…
  3. One of the key feature of this product is …
  4. You can…
  5. This product helps you to…
  6. One of the main characteristics of the product is …

Describe Products and Services- Lesson Plan

Schema Activation ( 10 Mins)

The teacher is gonna show a part of an image and students have to figure out what the product is

Pre-Task (80 Mins)

Task #1. Teacher gives students a Quizlet Set with characteristics of different products and services, then the teacher shows a Powerpoint Presentation so students raise their hands and tell the characteristic that best describes the product or service shown in the presentation. (20 Mins)

Task #2:  Teacher play a guessing games, students see a  picture, they have to describe it and the other partner has to guess what product or service that is. (20 Mins)

Task #3: Students  make pairs and they watch a video about the Iphone X and they have to note down the main features of that phone, they talk about their notes and  after that they are given a worksheet that they have to complete based on the information shown in the video. (20 Mins)

Task #4: Students are given a piece of information about an electronical device, students have to understand the information and they have to pretend that they are selling the device to a customer, thay have to talk about the benefits of such device.  (20 Mins)

Main- Task  ( 40 Mins)

  1. Students will be given a Powerpoint Presentation, the presentation has products and services. Students has to describe the products and services from the Powerpoint using at least 5 characteristics.
  2. They have to present the information to their classmates without reading and both have to talk when presenting information about each product.

Post-Task (30 Mins)

  1.  Students are given a wordle and they have to write  as many sentences as they can during ten minutes. After that the teacher takes some sentences and ask students to correct them. (Pronunciation and Grammar is reinforced)


Additional Information

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