How to Describe Personality in English

How to Describe Personality in English

How to Describe Personality in English

Positive Adjectives to Describe Personality

AdventurousHonest Hardworking 
Straight ForwardHelpful Patient
BrightReliable Enthusiastic
Hilarious Laid-backEasy-going

Negative Adjectives to Describe People in English 


What’s she Like?

When we ask ‘What is she like?’, we are asking about her personality

  1. He is shy, he never talks to anybody
  2. She is talkative,  she never stops talking
  3. I consider myself lazy, I don’t like to work hard
  4. He is always kind with new students
  5. My dad is optimistic, he thinks everything is going to be alright
  6. We are very bright students
  7. They are very funny, they always make friends laugh.
  8. She is quiet, She never says much
  9. He is  a very honest man, he will tell you the truth
  10. She is jealous, she doesn’t want others to win.
  11. I am very brave, I face dangerous and difficult situations.
  12. Mike is clever, he is good at learning things.
  13. He is an easy-going guy, definitely a guy who is easy to get a long with.
  14. James is so lucky, he bought a lottery and he won.
  15. Lucas  is tidy, his desk is well organized.

Personality  Conversation Questions

  1. What makes you happy?
  2. What makes you angry?
  3. Are you happy with your personality?
  4. Are you shy? Do you make friends easily?
  5. Are you an outgoing person?
  6. How do you organize files in your computers?
  7. What kinds of people do you get along well with?
  8. can you think of ten verbs to describe personality?
  9. having a great personality makes you attractive?
  10. What characteristics does a  leader need to have?
  11. How are male and female personalities different?
  12. How has your personality changed over the years?
  13. What personality types are you attracted to?