Lesson Plan: How to Describe Past Work Experience

How to Describe Past Work Experience

How to Describe Past Work Experience


  1. accomplish department objectives
  2. evaluate department activities
  3. train new employees
  4. establish strategic goals
  5. prepare an anual budget
  6. maintain quality service in a company
  7. Receive payments by cash or credit card
  8. Count money
  9. Maintain clean and orderly checkout areas
  10. Identify prices of products
  11. Resolve customer complaints
  12. Calculate total payments
  13. Answer telephone calls
  14. Provide information by phone
  15. Accomplish sales
  16. Sell services and goods to customers
  17. Route calls
  18. respond to customer’s emails

Phrases to Describe Past Work Experience

  1. She was responsible for …
  2. I used to work in …
  3. One of her / his main responsibilities were…
  4. I was in charge of …
  5. Some of my duties were…


Regional Manager

I  used to work for Coca-Cola  Company, I was a regional manager,  I was in charge of the regional operation,  I had 100 employees under my supervision, some of my duties were preparing reports and make sure to follow and executing plans given by the country manager.

Language Assistant

The last time I worked as a language assistant, I used to work for English for Work, an institution in Colombia, some of my responsibilities were preparing worksheets for teachers and scoring tests.

Lesson Plan: Describe Past Work Experience


  1. Students find answers in key specific verbs in a wordsearch. (10 Mins)
  1. Students are given a set of sentences with duties, they have to read the sentences, understand them and  choose if these refers to the tasks done by a manager, cashier or a call center agent. ( 10 Mins) ( Quizlet set )
  1. Students are given one of these two roles, some of them will be interviewers and the rest will be interviewees, the interviewers will make question using the simple past tense and the interviewees will respond using some key phrases (15 Mins)

Main Task

  • Students create a dialogue about a previous job they have, if they don’t have work experience, they can make up some information


Students answer a quiz

How to Find the Main Idea

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