English Lessons: Describe Past and Future Events

English Lessons: Describe Past and Future Events

Describe Past and Future Events - Describe Past Events - Describe Future Events

Describe Past Events

Most Common Verbs in English

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Time Expressions

  1. Last week
  2. Last year
  3. Last sunday
  4. Last monday
  5. Last month
  6. The other day
  7. Three week ago
  8. Two years ago
  9. When I was a teenager
  10. When I was in highschool
  11. Yesterday
  12. The day before yesterday


  1. I went to the beach
  2. I had breakfast by the pool
  3. I took a plane to Boston
  4. I saw monkeys at the national park
  5. I moved to another country
  6. I played soccer with some friends

Describe Future Events

Grammar Structures

To talk about future events, you can use three grammar structures


We use will to talk about rapid decisions and predictions

  1. I will go to the beach
  2. I will graduate from university
  3. I will buy a car

Going To / Gonna

  1. I am gonna visit Hawaii next month
  2. I am going to play soccer on tuesday
  3. I am gonna travel around Europe

Present Continouos

  1. I am teaching a class next month
  2. I am visiting my month next week
  3. I am taking a break from work

Time Expressions

  1. Next year
  2. Next week
  3. Next Month
  4. This afternoon
  5. Tomorrow
  6. Soon
  7. In the future

How to Describe Past and Future Events – Lesson Plan

Set things Up (15 Mins)

These activities might vary if this is not your first class with them

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Let students introduce themselves
  3. Create a whatsapp group or give contact details to students
  4. Explain chronogram

Schema Activation (15 Mins)

Charades: Students are divided in three groups, each group picks a member to represent the group. Each group member has 1 minute to check little pieces of paper with verbs, he or she has to do mimics so their team member guess the verb. The team with more guesses wins.


Task#1 (10 Mins)

Teacher uses a Powerpoint Presentation to explain the two grammar structures necessary to describe past and future events

  • Simple Past to describe past events
  • Future with Will and Going to + Present continous to describe future events

Task #2 ( 30 Mins)

  1. Students are given this worksheet so they can talk about future events
  2. Students take some time to answer the questions, they receive feedback on grammar and practice pronunciation as they do so.
  3. Students choose a partner and have a 3 minutes chats with that partner
  4. They switch partners  every three minutes, they do the activities at least three times

Task #3 (30 Mins)

  1. Students make pairs
  2. Students are given a card to help them speak about past events
  3. Students A make the questions and students B answer the question using information from the card
  4. Students switch partner 3 times and do the same.

Main Task (30 Mins)

Main Objective: To maximize speaking by promoting peer to peer interaction

  1. Students are given a mind map.
  2. They note down main ideas only about past events from childhood, school, highschool and University
  3. Once they are ready, they start talking about past events  to their classmates
  4. They switch places with another student after every three minutes

Post-Task (30 Mins)

  1. Teacher gives feedback to students about aspects such as pronunciation and grammar
  2. Class finishes with a quiz using Kahoot, Quizziz or Goconqr

Additional Resources

For more additional lesson plans created having the task-based approach in mind, check this page, Most of those lessons are about business related topics.

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