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Task-Based Lesson: How to Describe Goods and Services

How to Describe Good and Services

How to Describe Goods and Services

Lesson Plan: How to Describe Goods  and Services

Schema Activation


  1. Students make two or three rows.
  2. Each group chooses a leader.
  3. The leader whispers the sentence to their group member.
  4. The last member of the group writes the sentence.

Sentences to use for the chinese whispers activity

  1. In the Banco de Costa Rica, you can cash a check

    In the  Banco de Costa Rica, you can deposit Money


    In Arenas, you can buy tennis shoes.


    In the Movie theater, you can watch great movies.


    In  Gollo, You can buy a computer.


    In Pali, you can buy groceries.


    In the Mall , you can enjoy movies.


Task #1

  1. Students  visit the site freebingocards using their phone browsers
  2. They open a bingo.
  3. Teacher makes sure they don’t have the same bingo card

Task #2

  1. Students make pais and answer the following questions
    • What goods can you buy in a supermarket?
    • Where do you buy groceries?
    • What activities can you do in a gym?
    • What can you do in a cafeteria?
    • Where do you usually buy bread and coffee?
    • What services can you get in a bank?
    • What can you do in a hotel?
    • What can you do in a mall?
    • What services can you get in a travel agency?
    • What can you do in a park?
  2. When students finish answering the question, they practice with their partners
  3. Once the practice time is over, they pratice with another classmate

Task #3

  1. Students are given a dialogue
  2. They read the dialogue, they analyze it
  3. Once they understand it, they change the underlined parts and have a conversation about other goods and services

Mike: Hello

Linda, How are you doing today?

Linda: I am doing pretty good

Mike: What are you doing around here?

Linda: I am looking for a Cafeteria

Mike:  I recommend Cesar’s Bakery

Linda:  What can you do there?

Mike:  You can sit and order a dessert and a coffee

Linda: What about the prices?

Mike: They are not expensive at all

Linda: Nice, Where are you going?

Mike:  I am going to the Gym

Linda: Good to see you mike, bye

Main – Task

  1. Students make groups
  2. Each group is sent a Powerpoint Presentation
  3. Students have to talk about at least about five goods and services that you can get there.


  1. Student are sent a quiz created using google forms.
  2. Student answer the quiz before they leave.

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