How to Describe a Place of Work or Study

How to Describe a Place of Work or Study

Vocabulary and Grammar

 Academy Exciting Produce
 Air Conditioning Facilities Professional
 Big Factory Professors
 Books Finance Repetitive
 Boring Free Restaurant
 Boss Good Restroom
 Building Gym Salary
 Business Human Resources Sales
 Cafeteria Institute School
 Campus Institution Section
 Career Instructors Self-employed
 Challenging Interesting Sell
 Classes Internet Service
 Classroom Lab Small
 Coffee shop Laptop Staff
 College Library Stressful
 Company Located Study
 Computer Lab Location Teachers
 Connection Major Tough
 Courses Marketing University
 Demanding Near Website
 Department Offer Wifi
 Education Office Work
 Enterprise Organization Workplace
 Environment Parking Lot 

Sample Language


a place:

  • I work in an office.
  • I work in a school.
  • I work in a factory.

a city/country:

  • I work in Paris.
  • I work in France.

a department:

  • I work in the marketing department.
  • I work in human resources.
  • I work in sales.

a general area/industry:

  • I work in finance.
  • I work in medical research.
  • I work in consulting.


University Has

  • The university has classrooms with air conditioning.
  • The Classrroms are equipped with smartboards.
  • The University has a small gym.
  • The university has accessible toilets.
  • The university has claen restrooms.

University Offers

  • The university offfers scholarships for students who need it
  • The University offer language courses
  • The University offer different majors

Common Questions

  • Where do you study?
  • Where is the university located?
  • Does the university have accessible toilets?
  • Does the universtity have a gym?
  • Does the university have classrooms with smartboards?
  • Does the university have classrooms with air conditioning?
  • Does the university offer scholarships to students?
  • Does the university offer language courses?
  • Does the university offer the business administration major?
  • Does the university offer free WI-FI?
  • Does the university have a cafeteria?
  • Does the school have recreational areas?

Describing Where I work

Hello, My name is James, I work for Microsoft, The company is located in San Jose . I am a sales executive.

I sell the products that Microsoft offers, for example licences for the:

  1. Windows Operating System
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. Office 365 for Businesses

Working with Microsoft in Costa Rica is great because the facilities have air conditioning and we have a super fast Internet connection.

I have my own office. I usually contact potential clients by phone or email. I usually work from Monday to Friday.

Sometimes I work from home. I get paid by commission so the more I sell, the more money I earn.

Microsoft has cars available in case I have a meeting with a client.

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Cómo Presentarse en Inglés

Lesson Plan: How to Describe a Place of Work or Study

Schema Activation

Task #1

  1. The class starts with a bingo game with words studied
  2. Teacher sends a bingo game created using


Task #1

  1. Teacher divides the class in two groups.
  2. Group A has a speaking card with questions and Group B has a speaking card with questions
  3. Students pratice asking and answering questions with students


  1. Students make pairs create a collage made up of nine pictures about their place of study or workplace
  2. Once the collage is ready, students have to talk about it with other pair of classmates


  1. Teacher reviews issues with accuracy during the tasks performed today
  2. Students take a short quiz to cover the lessons studied during the past  4 lessons

Lesson Plans

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