MEP: Conversational Classes

MEP English Exams - Costa Rica - Pixabay

7th Grade

  1. Personal Information in Different Settings
  2. Compare Different Activies in Daily Life
  3. Give and Follow Directions
  4. Compare Customs in Celebrations and Holidays
  5. Professions and Occupations
  6. Health
  7. Telephoning

8th Grade

  1. Describe People’s Appearance
  2. Ask for and Give Help in an Emergency
  3. Accept and Decline Invitations
  4. Ask for and Offer Good Service
  5. Describe Travel Plans and Tourism
  6. Safety at Work
  7. Booking by Phone

9th Grade

  1. Identify and Describe Occupations
  2. Describe Sports and Pasttimes
  3. Describe Uses and Functions of Electrical Devices and Machines
  4. Means of Transportation and Schedules
  5. Computers and Technology
  6. Natural Resources: Causes, Effects and Prevention
  7. Making Reservations