Classroom Objects in English: Guide and Vocabulary

In this post, you will find the vocabulary you need to teach or learn about classroom objects in English

Classroom Object Vocabulary

This is a list of the most classroom objects that you can find in a classroom.

 Desk Backpack
 Chalkboard Map
 Chalk Globe
 Whiteboard Bookshelf 
 Eraser Highlighter
 Marker Notes
 Projector Clock
 Bulletin board Fire alarm
 Sticky note Pen holder
 Flashcards Paperclip
 Index card Binder clip
 Pencil Tape
 Pen Glue
 Lead Glue stick
 Locker Podium
 Calendar Microphone
 Posters Scissors
 Stationery Calculator
 Stapler Ruler
 Binder  Planner
 Hole puncher Compass
 Notebook paper Pencil sharpener
 Printer Flash drive
 Notebook Handouts
 Textbooks Worksheet
 Novel Packet
 Pencil case Pointer

Phrases with Classroom Objects

These are some of the phrases that you can use in the classroom when talking about classroom objects


  1. Can I borrow your pen?
  2. Can I borrow your glue?


  1. Can you lend me your pencil?
  2. Can you lend me your marker?


  1. I need a marker to draw something in the whiteboard
  2. I need the dictionary to look up for some words

Have to

  1. I have two pencils in my backpack
  2. I have a new backpack


  1. Can you pass me the glue?
  2. Can you pass me the notebook?

There are / There is

  1. There are 20 chairs in my classroom
  2. There are two desktops in my classroom
  3. There is a laptop computer in the lab
  4. There is a book on the desktop

Lesson Plan – Classroom Objects


Teacher can introduce this topic by using the flashcard set from  this quizlet set

Teacher introduces the use of demonstrative pronouns

Practice #1

Students can play these quizlet games to achieve the successful repetition of the vocabulary

  • Learn
  • Speller
  • Test
  • Scatter
  • Race

Students can do more practices by accessing this GoConqr Online Practice or this Quizzis Practice

Classroom Objects Practice

Students can also prepare a classroom objects bingo card at home so they can play during the classes with the teacher

Classroom Objects Bingo

School Objects Songs and Lessons

There are many educational videos that you can use with your children and students:

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